Is there a ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ sequel in the works? Anne Hathaway speaks out!


Though there’s nothing in the works yet (that we know of!) Anne Hathaway is admitting that she’d “love” to do a sequel to 2006’s ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ in the future.

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Happy Halloween! Here’s 9 of Ellen DeGeneres’ best scares!


Halloween is finally upon us! To celebrate we’re counting down some of Ellen DeGeneres’s most hilarious scares from ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’.

From pranking Miley Cyrus, to hiding in Taylor Swift’s dressing room… Ellen DeGeneres has done it all…

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Glee Season 6 spoilers! Who wants Klaine back together? & Matthew Morrison leaving Hollywood!


As we already told you, the decision to split up Kurt (Chris Colfer) and Blaine (Darren Criss) for the start of the final season of ‘Glee’ has fans pretty outraged.

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Celebs Halloween costumes! Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Kim Kardashian & Lily Allen!

katy perry halloween

It’s Halloween people and already we’ve been treated to pictures of some pretty epic costumes in celeb land!

First up Katy Perry. The Roar singer turned down the chance to wear a sexy or revealing costume and was instead pictured rocking up to Kate Hudson’s halloween bash as a cheeto. You heard us. A baked potato treat.

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Hawaii Five-0 5×06 spoilers: Jerry’s in trouble & Ellie/Steve meet again…

Ho'omā'ike (Unmasked)

It’s Halloween and what better way to spend the spooky holiday than with Hawaii Five-0. Last week’s installment set up the events of tonight’s episode well, when Jerry was kidnapped by the counterfeiters he’s been investigating.

Of course, viewers will know that Jerry has been tracking the owner of a local antique bookshop, convinced that he’s involved in counterfeiting but Steve and even The Secret Service cleared Jerry’s number 1 suspect. However, that hasn’t stopped the keen conspiracy theorist from digging.

Now it seems that everyone will listen to Jerry when he goes missing. What will happen to him?

For all the essentials on tonight’s episode head on inside…

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The Flash spoilers: Tension between Iris and Eddie over the Red Streak?

the flash 9

It seems that Iris West and her obsession with the Red Streak is set to cause tension in her relationship with Eddie Thawne. Of course, viewers of the series will know that Iris has been investigating the mysterious streak, which is Barry running and saving people at super speed, but Iris herself doesn’t know this.

Eddie and Iris got together very early on, but hid their relationship from everyone but Barry, as Eddie is Joe West’s partner. However, everything is out in the open now, but there’s tensions ahead.

Head on inside to find out what actor Rick Cosnett had to say….

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Vampire Diaries 6×06 spoilers: Caroline to help rescue Enzo & what next for Bonnie?


The drama never stops in Vampire Diaries and it sounds like next week’s installment is also set to keep us on the edge of our seats. The episode is entitled “The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get” and there’s something for everyone from Caroline being eager to rescue Enzo from Tripp’s clutches to Mystic Falls 1994.

The mystery of Alaric’s new lady Jo will also feature heavily in the episode. Why can’t she be compelled? For all the latest on next week’s episode, head on inside…

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Arrow spoilers: Malcolm will confront somebody unexpected but who?

The Magician

As menacing as Malcolm Merlyn is, we’re loving him being back on Arrow on a more regular basis. Of course, at the end of season 1 Oliver thought he had killed The Dark Archer, only for him to reappear in season 2 alive and well.

Oliver only found out this week that his attempts to rid the world of Malcolm had been unsuccessful, but of course things are now so much more complicated with the reveal that Thea is his biological daughter, including the fact she now knows about it.

However, originally Team Arrow and Nyssa suspected that Malcolm was Sara Lance’s killer, after it was confirmed that she was tracking him for the league. Although, when Oliver met with him, it became glaringly obvious that Malcolm wasn’t the one who drove those arrows into Sara’s chest, with the league already on his trail.

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Downton Abbey Spoilers: Edith is back, Mary gets stood up & its not looking good for Isis! (PICTURES)

downton abbey s5 e7 7

It is hard to imagine how Downton Abbey could possibly top the drama from last week’s episode, but from going by the pictures just released from ITV it looks like they are giving it a pretty good go!

Those who tuned in last week would have seen drama spilling out of the screen as Bates (Brendan Doyle) proved his innocence over the murder of Green to his wife Anna (Joanne Froggatt) which ruled them both off the suspect list.
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Hollyoaks Spoilers: Jody Latham cast as new bad boy Shane!


This news has literally made our Halloween! Former Shameless and EastEnders star Jody Latham has been cast to play a new bad boy in Hollyoaks!

Latham, who made his mark on our tellyboxes playing Lip Gallagher in the hit cult comedy drama Shameless, will be taking on the guest role of Shane, who turns up in the village as a blast from Cameron Campbell’s past.
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Doctor Who spoilers: Series 8 Finale extended & Neil Gaiman, David Tennant on Capaldi!

doctor who dark water 3

Doctor Who is giving fans an extra special treat next weekend as the series 8 finale, Death in Heaven, will be an extended episode.

The BBC have confirmed that, as opposed to the usual 45 minute instalments we have been presented with this series, the final episode will be a whole 60 minutes in length, running from 8-9pm on BBC One next Saturday November 8th.
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Netflix in November 2014! New movies & TV shows arriving!


As we told you yesterday, Netflix is cleaning house ready for a new month of content.

Though we’ll be saying goodbye to a number of classic movies including ‘Steel Magnolias’ and ‘Footloose,’ in their place, the streaming service is going to be giving subscribers a whole lot of new content.

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Taylor Swift on big ‘1989’ changes!

Taylor Swift's new album '1989' is out NOW!

Taylor Swift’s new album ‘1989’ is out NOW!

Taylor Swift only released her fifth album ‘1989’ on Monday and already it looks like it’s about to break some records in terms of sales, especially in the US.

Going into the weekend it’s likely that Swift will take the top of the Official Albums Chart in the UK too and the singer has now revealed what her goals are for the release.

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Game of Thrones: Season 7 news & Kit Harington’s MASSIVE pay packet!

game of thrones logo

New contracts currently being negotiated by Game of Thrones bosses could see the show’s biggest stars becoming some of the highest paid in television history!

According to the Hollywood Reporter these particular, big bucks contracts will also sign up the chosen stars for a seventh series of the hit HBO fantasy series, news which will come as an early Christmas present for fans as this is pretty much the first time that series seven has been mentioned, with all current contracts only secured till the end of series 6.
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Glastonbury 2015: NO Queen & Adam Lambert –Fleetwood Mac?

Arcade Fire were one of the Pyramid Stage headliners this year

Arcade Fire were one of the Pyramid Stage headliners this year

Earlier this month Adam Lambert and Queen were added to the huge list of possible names that could headline Glastonbury 2015 when it returns in June next year.

The stars were mentioned along with Paul McCartney, AC/DC, Muse and of course Prince to name a few but now, it seems like Adam Lambert and Queen headlining isn’t going to happen.

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