by Lisa McGarry

Wayne 1_L

Wayne Rooney returns to uncover more of the nation’s best street footballers in ‘COKE ZERO’ PRESENTS: WAYNE ROONEY’S STREET STRIKER. In this three part series, Wayne Rooney visits housing estates, car parks, cobbled streets and canals to uncover more untapped teenage footballing talent, exclusive to Sky1 HD and Sky1 from Sunday 8th November at 6pm.

Following the success of the first series on Sky1 HD last year, which televised the event for the first time, ‘COKE ZERO’ PRESENTS: WAYNE ROONEY’S STREET STRIKER will see the England and Manchester United superstar return to the streets to put more young hopefuls through their paces. In a concept created by ‘Coke Zero’, Wayne Rooney, who discovered his own potential on the streets of Liverpool, will whittle down the successful applicants, through a series of amazing street challenges that test all-round skills. Wayne comments: “We discovered some great players last year and I can’t wait to begin this year’s search. There’s so much untapped football talent out there and it’s great that we’re giving these players the opportunity to gain recognition”.

The three-part series will follow the ‘Coke Zero’ competition which is now in its fourth year. To enter, footballers aged between14-18 were invited to attend a number of street football ‘auditions’ throughout the UK taking part in a range of challenges. The best players were then invited to show off their skills to Wayne Rooney, culminating in a dramatic head-to-head battle between the two best players. Challenges across the series include the Tower Block Challenge, in which balls are dropped down to contestants from various levels of a tower block; the Paint Pot Challenge, in which contestants must volley a ball and hit a pyramid of paint pots balanced on ladders, and the Tyre Challenge, where players must dodge and weave with the ball through fast moving tyres coming at them in all directions.

Joining Wayne Rooney again this year is football consultant and choreographer Andy Ansah, who works closely with the contestants to get the best out of them in preparation for their trials with Wayne.

The winner of ‘COKE ZERO’ PRESENTS: WAYNE ROONEY’S STREET STRIKER will receive two tickets to the 2010 FIFA World Cup Final in South Africa and join Wayne Rooney for part of the GB leg of the FIFA WC Trophy Tour™ in March 2010.