10 reasons to be stoked about Stoker (HINT: no vampires & Nicole Kidman!)

by Lisa McGarry


By guest blogger Tom Chapman. Check him out on Twitter at tomtomchap

Ahead of it’s release new film Stoker appears to be flying pretty low under the radar, so after checking out the trailer HERE see 10 reasons why you should be as excited as I am!

1) Nicole is back.

Nicole Kidman is always at her best when playing a creepy cold mother (The Others), and she looks suitably off the rails in Stoker, with wild eyes and even wilder hair.

2) It has been a long time coming.

Oddly written by Prison Break actor Wentworth Miller, the screenplay was voted one the ‘Top 10 unproduced screenplays’ back in 2010. Miller describes it at a horror film, a family drama, and a psychological thriller. On paper it sounds like the whole package.

3) Tribute to Tony Scott.

Stoker will be the last film by legendary producer Tony Scott, who tragically killed himself last year. The man behind ‘True Romance’ and ‘Top Gun’ is sure to deliver.


4) It isn’t about Vampires.

Despite the name coming from Dracula author Bram Stoker, Miller has promised the film has nothing to do with Vampires. Thank god this won’t be labelled the new ‘Twilight’- pale skin and floppy hair not included.

5) It is a Hitchcock (sort of).

The jumping off point for the film is Alfred Hitchcock’s ‘Shadow of a Doubt,’ but then goes in a completely different direction. Don’t expect any cameos from Anthony Hopkins or Helen Mirren, however there does appear to be a Pscho-esque phone booth scene.

6) Park Chan- Wook

Former film critic turned director Park Chan-Wook is at the helms of Stoker. Already one of the most acclaimed directors in South Korea, he has made big waves in the film world. His film ‘Oldboy’ is currently ranked 86th of all time on IMDB, so look out for its remake also coming this year. As Wook doesn’t speak any English he had to have a translator with him at all times on set.

7) This won’t be the last.

When Miller released Stoker, he had also written the prequel ‘Uncle Charlie,’ if Stoker is half as good as it look we expect to see Matthew Goode playing Charlie some time in the near future.

8) She’s of age…

Hands down the most chilling line of the trailer is Uncle Charlie’s “She’s of age,” and actress Mia Wasikowska has grown up a lot since her ‘Alice in Wonderland’ days. Whilst filming Stoker she says the advice given by Kidman really helped her:
“She’s the ultimate role model. She really took me under her wing and was really giving of her experience growing up in movies.”

9) The cast are scared themselves.

Directors often get the best when their cast are scared witless and emerse themselves in their characters. Shelley Duvall famously had a breakdown after being bullied by Stanley Kubrick during ‘The Shining’. So psychopath Uncle Charlie (Matthew Goode) says he avoided method acting to stay sane during Stoker:
“It would be quite disturbing if I stayed in character the whole time. I take it quite seriously dying the hours of work, and then afterwards I like to think I’m quite good fun.”

10) You don’t have to wait long.

Opening on March 1st you only have to wait two days. Remember, do not disturb the family.


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  1. James on February 27, 2013 at 8:02 pm

    “Nicole is back”? You obviously haven’t seen “Rabbit Hole” (for which she got an Oscar nomination) or “The Paperboy” (SAG and Golden Globe nominee).
    Kidman isn’t just great at playing “creepy cold mothers”. She’s a great actress, period. Watch “Moulin Rouge”, “To Die For”, “The Hours”, “Birth”, “Birthday Girl”, “Dogville” or “Margot at the Wedding” and give her the credit she deserves.

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