15 Kids and Counting coming to Channel 4

Channel 4’s Factual Entertainment department have commissioned Lion TV to make brand new series 15 Kids and Counting, which will delve into the lives of four of the UK’s biggest families to explore what it’s really like to have 10 or more children and siblings.

The average UK family now has 1.9 children – although that number is steadily decreasing. But what about those families who decide not to stop after two, three or even nine babies?

As well as looking at the challenges that come with caring for, feeding, loving and raising a brood of up to fifteen kids, the programme will get a rare glimpse into the dynamics that exist in every family – but on a much bigger scale. The fights, the rewards, the love and the frustration that go hand in hand with having a family will be seen here multiplied and laid bare.

The series will explore what drives parents to continue to add to their families, but viewers will also get a glimpse into the children’s very unique circumstances. Each episode in the series will examine a different theme in family life – birthdays, domestic life, holidays and rites of passage – important events in the life of any family but made more complicated, more chaotic and more interesting because of the sheer number of little people involved.

Is every sibling interaction a struggle for dominance and parental attention or in the case of families, is bigger really better?

Channel 4 Deputy Head of Factual Entertainment, Liam Humphreys, said: “The series will offer a fascinating insight into some of the UK’s biggest families and how both parents and children cope when even the school run or a trip to the supermarket have to be run like a military style operation.”

Lion TV Managing Director, Richard Bradley, said: “The world of the largest families is hidden from most of us. But if we are honest we are intrigued by what the day-to-day reality of life is like for parents and kids. It’s already proving to be fascinating, thought-provoking and life-affirming.”