16 Kids and Counting – The Radfords plan for a christening and the Salims have a clear outh


This four-part series follows the lives of seven of Britain’s biggest families. Through births, marriages, holidays and festivals, it finds out what it is like living life when your family is bigger than a football team.

This series explores things common in big families, such as empty-nest syndrome, sibling rivalry, discipline and finances, it delves beneath the surface to examine what possesses parents to buck the trend and have such huge amounts of children.

Tonight’s episode looks at how these families stretch their finances. Britain’s biggest family staying in one house – the Radfords – have 16 kids and have decided to have 11 of them christened. With their money tight, outfits and cake necessary for the christening . Parent’s Sue and Noel are completely exhausted, so they d have their first night out in 20 years – no matter what the cost.


In Rotherham with the Salim family, there’s never a dull moment. Mohammed Salim and his wife Noreen have 11 children and their house is always a busy place. They decide to have a big party for their Eid celebrations.

As the family are planning to bust out of their four bedroom terrace but are unable at the minute to afford a bigger house, Noreen and the kids decide to have a much needed clear out.

Tonight, 9pm, Channel 4. Leave your comments below.

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