16 & Pregnant: season 3 episode one review

by Lisa McGarry

In the midst of the heartbreak surrounding the end of the current season of Teen Mom (although there is a season finale chat show episode hosted by Dr Drew on Sunday night, 9pm, MTV) it was some comfort to know that 16 & Pregnant has returned.

Last night saw episode one start with Brooke, a 16 year old drag racer from Texas. She and her 16 year old boyfriend, Cody, had met at the races where both of their families had spent every weekend racing, and had been dating for two years.

When they discovered she was pregnant they had a shotgun wedding, with a honeymoon at the races (classy!) and then settled in to married life in her parent’s house.

This girl was the bossiest girl I have ever seen, she was basically a mother figure to this lad, going through his homework every night, making him graduate early so that he could stay at home with the baby when it arrived and basically being the type of overbearing ‘mum’ who ends up being resented, god help the real baby I thought to myself!

Anyway, the baby was born, they gave the speech about how he wasn’t planned, how they didn’t want a baby yet but didn’t use contraception, etc, etc, when I suddenly thought to myself – this girl could have easily been employed by a boot camp, she is that bossy and manipulative. There is no way, if what she said is true, she would have not used contraception if she did not want a baby. The ‘husband’ has a back bone made of rubber, for goodness sake, and quite clearly does everything she tells him, so if she had told him to use protection, he would have done (the look of harassed fear in his eye suggests he never disobeys her) Then the story progresses to say how her mum, her mum’s mum, and her mum before her, all got married at 16 in shotgun weddings. And there is the fatal pattern!

This article was written by guest blogger Anna Howell – Devoted mother, partner and English Literature student by day, telly addict by night – life is all about balance.