The 1975 Live Review: The Manchester band had Glasgow in the palm of their hands for a second night

by Martin
We would be very surprised if we didn't see The 1975 headline a festival in the near future
The 1975 posted this photo on Twitter following their performance in Glasgow

The 1975 following their first performance in Glasgow on Wednesday

Last night we got the opportunity to see Manchester band The 1975 at the Barrowlands Ballroom in Glasgow and it’s left us completely speechless. They get a 10/10 from us straight away!

Despite having numerous opportunities to see the band at various other events including BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend and T in the Park we always failed – we’re busy people – but last night, we made it and what a night it was – one we’re sure the band will never forget.

The Barrowlands is one of the greatest venues in Glasgow alongside King Tuts and the O2 Academy, and was a perfect venue to host The 1975 and their support acts Y.O.U, and Circa Waves.

When we arrived after doors opened at 7pm the queue to get into the venue was right around the block and that’s no joke but we weren’t waiting long before we were inside.

Both support acts for me (Y.O.U and Circa Waves) were completely new, I hadn’t heard of them before but they were a perfect choice by The 1975, they got the crowd screaming and no doubt gained themselves a number of new fans by the end of their sets.

Iconic shot from the first @the1975 night at Barrowlands in Glasgow last night. (đŸ“· @redmen1)

Iconic shot from the first @the1975 night at Barrowlands in Glasgow last night.
(đŸ“· @redmen1)

Before long the Barrowlands was filling up nicely, the traditional Scottish chant began “Here we, here we, here we f****** go!” from a predominantly female crowd and it was almost time for Matt Healy and co to take to the stage with their sculpted, foot tapping rhythms.

With quite possibly the longest single note intro I’ve ever seen, the band took to the stage and got straight into their set, no time wasting here. Within the first few notes, they had Glasgow in the palm of their hands for a second night running.

The band launched into an outstanding set combining all their hits in a running order that would have you dancing, then having a break as the band chilled out before getting your dancing shoes back on once again. The 1975 had definitely put some thought into this one. It just worked!

The timing between songs, the pauses to allow the rowdy Glasgow audience to sing their wee hearts out and the interaction from Matt Healy made it feel like a show you never wanted to end.

Their stage setup was simple, their lighting show only varied from a bright white on two occasions but when The 1975 perform, it’s not about the light show, it’s about the music. Their energy on stage reflects that, they don’t need fancy video packages or pyrotechnics.

Mobile phones always make an appearance at gigs these days and for many it’s quite an annoying sight to see people watching a gig through their screens.

These days it’s not uncommon in a large venue for a sea of smartphone screens to be seen throughout but at one point last night Matty told everybody that he wanted them to be put away for this one song.

For that song he wanted to just sing and for us to witness the performance with our eyes – not through the screens of our smartphones or iPads (who brings an iPad to a gig though… we know, there’s always one!) and everyone from what I could see, complied.

The 1975 (© Unreality TV)

The 1975 (© Unreality TV)

It was towards the end of the song that the frontman told everyone that now it was time to get your phones out, he now wanted to see the sea of lights that you can see above and if we’re honest, it was incredible from where we were standing. It was definitely a moment.

Their setlist included ‘The City’, ‘So Far (It’s Alright)’, ‘Settle Down’, ‘Pressure’, ‘You’, ‘Girls’, ‘Robbers’ and ‘Chocolate’.

The crowd wanted one more song and began chanting “We want Sex!” over and over. Luckily, if you know the band, you’ll know that ‘Sex’ is just one of their most popular songs! The band delivered and Glasgow loved it – like we do best.

Each introduction to a song, within the first second, without the band even mentioning a name was followed by a chorus of screams that would give you goosebumps.

A fairly grateful Matty took the opportunity to thank fans for their support throughout the years telling the screaming crowd that without them, they wouldn’t be where they are today.

The band are to perform in Manchester tonight (26th) and tomorrow (27th) though we have to say, you can’t beat a Glasgow crowd, one of the best atmosphere’s in the world is attending a Scottish gig. We hope to see them back soon!

If you get the opportunity, check them out – they’re on Spotify, YouTube and all those other services – you won’t regret it and don’t wait as long as I did to see them live!

We can’t wait for them to come back to Scotland again and we’re even more excited to see what the future has in store for the group. As one band once sung, things can only get better…

Of course we knew 'Chocolate' #The1975

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