2012 – The Year Britain Flooded – Tonight, Channel 4

by Lisa McGarry

the year britain flooded

Britain has endured a record amount of floods n the past year and in 2012 rivers brust their banks, roads were swept away and bridges collapsed all over the country as the nation endured a rainfall so heavy it has rarely been seen in the last century.

The constant and incredibly high levels of rainfall seemed to be non stop, and although 2012 started out very dry with almost drought conditions, by the close of the year it was being recorded as England’s wettest since records began.

It all started with a hosepipe ban and farmers crying out for some moisture for their crops, however they got more than they bargained for in April, when the drought ended and rain started and the month became known as the wettest ever known in the UK.

Things didn’t get any better for the British people as the months went on and in fact, the rain for even heavier with more than twice the average rainfall in June leading to the wettest summer in a century, and 2012 became officially the second wettest year ever recorded in the UK.

the year britain flooded

Tonight, Channel 4 looks at what was behind the flooding and call in a number of experts in meteorology and geology to explain the almost catastrophic occurrences.

Investigators take to the skies with weather experts and later go underground for a closer look at the nation’s ageing sewage system and underground aquifers which are full to bursting point. Specialists will explain the health risks that occur when pollutants emerge on street level from drains and sewers.

This TV special will include dramatic clips of some of the worst of the country’s floods, eye witness accounts of the incidents, along with moving stories and expert interviews with meteorologists, geologists and climate scientists.

Hopefully by the end we will all be more clear on exactly what happened in the year Britain flooded.

Tonight, 9PM, Channel 4