Time runs out for Jack (Golden Globe® and Emmy® winner Kiefer Sutherland) as Day 7 reaches its thrilling conclusion with an emotionally charged, action packed double episode finale, exclusive to Sky1 and Sky1 HD on Monday 25th May at 9pm.

It’s been another very long day for Jack. After being whisked away from the Senate hearing by the FBI and used to track down the very much alive and well Tony Almeida (Carlos Bernard), Jack saw off General Juma and Colonal Matobo, ensuring the CIP device was destroyed before more innocent lives were lost.

Doing whatever necessary to get his man, Jack has left the FBI reeling at his methods and unsure of his loyalties, despite being instrumental in saving First Gentleman Henry Taylor’s life and winning the eternal gratitude of President Taylor (Cherry Jones). Following the tragic death of Bill Buchanan (James Morrison) at the White House siege, Jack has relied on the close alliance formed with Agent Renee Walker (Annie Wersching), who has stood by him in his darkest hours.

With Tony now dramatically revealed as Jack’s true foe, brutally killing Agent Moss and stealing a canister of the deadly bio-weapon, Jack must face up to this vicious betrayal, stop Tony and find out who he is working for. But time is running out for Jack in more ways than one. Infected by the lethal pathogen and with no known cure, Jack’s condition is rapidly deteriorating and his only hope is a risky stem cell transfer involving daughter Kim (Elisha Cuthbert). Meanwhile the President’s daughter Olivia must deal with the consequences of her actions as the White House learns the truth behind Jonas Hodge’s (Jon Voight) assassination.

As the season draws to its dramatic end, Jack is left fighting for his country, his family and his life. Executive producer Howard Gordon explains Jack ends Day 7 “with more to live for and therefore more to lose, at least on an emotional level, than at any time since Day 1.”

24 Day 7 Finale, Monday 25th May at 9pm, Sky1 and Sky1 HD