24 Hour in A&E: Jen and Dr Fleur oversee a busy Saturday night while Gordon gets his blood pressure tested with shocking results


Channel 4’s hospital documentary series continues with an instalment looking at a busy Saturday night at King’s where staff have to juggle the needs of elderly patients and sick children along with patients who are drunk or violent.

This Saturday night shift is overseen by Dr Fleur, who’s currently six months pregnant and is working alongside senior sister Jen. 12 year old Grace comes into A&E having fallen own a flight of stairs and has potentially serious spine and neck injuries. She’s brought into Resus by paramedics with her mum Michelle and needs to have a CT scan to assess the extent of the damage.


Sarah and Andy have brought in their 10 month old son Dexter, who’s been vomiting, has a high temperature and is unresponsive. Later, 88 year old Irene is brought in by ambulance after suffering from chest pains during the night. Irene reflects about growing up in London during the war while her son Stuart faces up to the fact that his own role in the family is changing.

Meanwhile, clinical site manager Gordon has worked at Kings’ for 14 years, he’s in charge of the day-to-day running of hospital resources, including the beds. When Jen notices Gordon’s bloodshot eye she suggests he gets his blood pressure checked. The results of these tests reveals news that changes Gordon’s life forever

24 Hours in A&E continues tonight on Channel 4 at 9pm

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