24 Hours in A&E: Love is all Around on Valentine’s Day at King’s College A&E

by Matt D


24 Hours in A&E continues with an episode all about romance and the complexity of relationships. Love is in the air as we join King’s College Hospital A&E on Valentine’s Day.

Nurse Abbie tells us, ‘relationships in A&E can go either one way or the other. It can bring people closer together because they get a fright and then they realise that some things actually really don’t matter now my partner’s sick. But you do see the odd fight.’

24 Hours In A&E

53 year old father of 3 John, came off his motorbike on his way to work and struck a bollard injuring his shoulder. John’s partner of 24 years, Frances, is abroad and he tells their son not to tell as he doesn’t want to spoil her holiday. I’m a psychologist,’ says John. ‘Some of the work I do is with pain management and I teach particular skills to my clients – none of those skills were of any use to me at that time.’ Consultant Graham, decides that John’s pain is so bad that he’ll give him ketamine: a sedative so strong that it’s also used as a horse tranquiliser.

Gary is in A&E with a bleed on the brain and a suspected stroke. Gary’s partner Tracy is at his side to support him. They are still deeply in love after meeting at biker’s rally in Kent ten years ago. But, despite appearances, Gary is a secret softie.

Finally 84 year old Ronald has been bitten by his dog Benjie while they were playing with a ball. Since the death of Ronald’s wife Cathy, Benjie has been his constant companion but has been very contrite since the accident.

24 Hours in A&E continues tonight on Channel 4 at 9pm

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