24 Hours in A&E: This instalment focuses on eight-year old Abby as well as following the work of the hospital’s security team

by Matt D


Channel 4’s documentary about the goings-on in King’s College Hospital continues with stories focusing on the patients and the staff. This instalment centres around a young girl who fell dangerously at the diving pool, while it also looks at the difficult work of the hospital’s security team.


The girl in question is eight year old Abby, who hit her head after falling from the steps of a high diving board. The medical team need to scan her head and neck to check for serious injuries. Paediatric Intensive Care Consultant Tushar says, “head injury in children always makes me worry, seeing her getting drowsy was not good; her brain could be under pressure form a blood clot.

While Abby’s mother Nikki is her bedside, her dad Scott is stuck in Scotland after missing the last train home. Nikki is putting on a brave face and attempting to hold things together for Abby, but like every parent whose child is injured, inside she’s terrified. Nikki tells us, “I had to say to her you’re going to be fine, you’re doing really well, just to get through it” Tushar adds, “I noticed the sheer look of panic and that bottled-up emotion that every mother has when they’re scared, wanting please tell me this is going to be alright. And I can’t, because I will not give false hope.

Meanwhile we also meet King’s College Hospital’s security team which deals with over fifty incidents a month in A&E, ranging from verbal abuse to assault. Two members of the team are Anne and Holton who are both working the night shift, they have to deal with a variety of challenging patients during this episode.

24 Hours in A&E continues tonight on Channel 4 at 9pm

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