5 Reasons Why We Love Robert Downey Jr.

by Lisa McGarry

“This article is by film fanatic and TV addict Natalie Rawlinson. You can catch up with her on Twitter here.”

With Iron Man 3 filming well underway and Avengers Assemble recently released on Blu-ray and DVD now seems a perfect time to tell you the reasons why we love Robert Downey Jr.

1. He’s a talented actor at comedy AND drama.

While probably better known for his funnier roles, Robert Downey Jr has been in many dramas too. Truly amazing in Zodiac and A Guide To Recognizing Your Saints, RDJ is one of those rare actors that have been Oscar nominated for a dramatic role (Chaplin in 1992) but also in a comedy. He played Kirk Lazarus in Tropic Thunder, an actor who is known to get a little too involved in his pursuit of an Oscar. It is quite ironic then that this role earned him a nod from the Academy. It must only be a matter of time before he picks up one of those gold statuettes.

2. He acts like a real life superhero as he saves kittens.

He and his wife rescued some kittens that were near his Hollywood home. After admitting he didn’t want any “tripod, abused animal” around he says now he can’t live without them. He even has pictures of them on his phone. Their names? Montgomery and Dartanian. How cute!

3. He made Sherlock Holmes cool again.

RDJ’s Hollywood adaptation of Sherlock Holmes has opened the door for Benedict Cumberbatch and Jonny Lee Miller’s roles as the world’s most famous consulting detective. RDJ’s success must have had something to do with the BBC’s decision to go ahead with a new take on Sherlock and it’s brought the literary hero to a whole new generation of fans.

4. He was born to play Iron Man

There are certain roles that some actors were born to play. Tony Stark IS Robert Downey Jr. He has admitted before that he would really hate it if anyone else played Iron Man/Tony Stark. The Iron Man franchise has made him into a bankable Hollywood action star and without him The Avengers wouldn’t have been so easy to green light.

5. He’s the comeback kid who’s proved you can beat your demons

His struggle with drugs has been well documented in the past so it’s somewhat surprising to see he’s now in one of the most successful films of all time. He had what most believed was his second chance when he became a regular on TV show Ally McBeal. They took a massive risk on him and everything was going well until a drugs arrest in early 2001 proved too much for the makers of the show and he was written out. At this point in his career he was uninsurable, and it looked all over for him. It took Mel Gibson (of all people) to take a risk and pay the insurance on him so he could appear in The Singing Detective. After that Hollywood was willing to give him another chance, with roles in Gothika, The Shaggy Dog and Good Night, And Good Luck among others. But of course, it took a certain superhero to make him into the star he is today. He is Iron Man, the rest is history.

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