90210 recap: A look back at the emotional finale, Silver has cancer and Liam proposes to Annie


Last night saw the series finale of 90210, it had mushyness, it had tears and it had disaster. How did the show bow out from The CW?

Time for a little recap of last night’s shenanigans – I am indeed, curled up in a corner, sobbing, whilst writing this article…really! The episode starts where last week’s ep left off with the dramatic explosion at Ade’s gig. Dixon, Annie and Navid make it out of the rubble but Ade is still trapped inside.

Navid being the hero that he is rushes into the building to try and rescue the love of his life, but what he doesn’t know is that the explosion has caused a gas leak. Fortunately, as the couple grovel to each other about how they were always meant for each other and how they’re going to buy a house together – the ambulance crew turn up and rescue them both.


There was also bad news for Silver on last night’s emotional conclusion. After interrupting a call between her and Ade, her doctor calls to tell her she has cancer. Dixon seems to be in the right place at the right time as he tells her she can fight and get through it – as she attempts to end her life with pills found at the site of the explosion. In the end, after a long hard think about what she wants, and much persuasion from Dixon, Silver agrees to opt for surgery.

Now, as we all know, Naomi had quite a run in with a prince recently, and the scandal prompts her to do something good – possibly for the first time. She decides she wants to throw a relief concert for the victims of the explosion, it seems the plans come crashing down before they’ve even had chance to take off.


Annie, who has had quite an on/off relationship with Naomi over the past 5 seasons, comes to the rescue and tells Naomi that not many people may know it, but she is one of the best people that she knows.

Last night also reunited two people that we’ve all been longing for happiness for – Annie and Liam. Ever since Ethan got given the chop at the end of the first season, we’ve all been longing for Annie and Liam to get it on properly, and last night came the moment we’ve all been waiting for.

Liam decides against going to Australia after reading the end of Annie’s book, which sees him trying to stop Annie jetting off into the sunset with Naomi and Jordan.

He explains: “I don’t care how hard it is. It’s what I want. What we have is worth it.”

He proposes, there’s tears and mushiness, Annie says YES! Then, the credits roll on the series. Sad time. 90210, you’ll most definitely be missed.