A Different Breed comes to Sky 1!

The brains behind the cult TV hit Pineapple Dance Studios have turned their attentions from prima donnas to prima pooches in an out-there observational ‘dogumentary’ that explores the madcap world of man’s best friend.

Britain is a nation of dog lovers and, in A Different Breed, we meet a cast of colourful characters whose lives are dedicated to hounds of all shapes and sizes, from grooming salon workers who preen their clients from head to paw, to owners who are prepared to break the bank to ensure their pet is the most flamboyant doggy diva in the land. If you thought couture clothing, poetry or even weddings were for humans alone – think again…

A Different Breed is not your bog standard documentary, and from the makers of Pineapple Dance Studios you would expect nothing less. Keep your eyes peeled for surreal, break-out moments that will let viewers into the psyche of our four legged friends to find out what they are really thinking.

Series regulars include Louise Harris and her pampered Yorkshire Terrior Lola. A Different Breed enters her high couture pet boutique Diva Dogs, which sells everything from designer dog clothes to jewelled collars. Nothing is too expensive for her prized pooch.

In A Different Breed we also meet Louise and Roger Wilshire, owners of CDPOM – a crèche for dogs who require ‘peace of mind’. Louise loves her Labrador Otto more than her husband, and dogs at CDPOM’s crèche can expect to be exercised on a treadmill and even serenaded by Louise on her piano.

A Different Breed will also introduce us to a host of other characters – including tough dog security handler Danny Lines and his not-so-tough Belgian Maliniois, Guru Kaur and her dog who has ‘chosen to come back to earth to teach us how to be human’, doggy dancing champion Richard Curtis and his latest dance partner Whizzy, fashionabe doggy boutique owners Jakob and Julian whose relationship dynamics are a source of endless fascination, dog-walker to the stars Lucy Kennedy who takes her dog out for steak dinners and reads him poetry at night and best friends Joanne Good and Anna Webb, and their beloved dogs Molly and Matilda, who have their own dog-dedicated radio show ‘Barking at the Moon’.

A Different Breed reveals the incredible passion and love that people have for their dogs. Insightful yet fun and entertaining, A Different Breed starts early April on Sky1 HD and Sky 1.