Adam Lambert talks new album & Britney Spears collaboration!

by Martin
Adam Lambert at the AT&T Live Proud event
Could Adam Lambert and Queen headline Glastonbury 2015? Photo Credit: Neal Preston

Could Adam Lambert and Queen headline Glastonbury 2015?
Photo Credit: Neal Preston

Fans of Adam Lambert are patiently awaiting more news of when his third studio album – the follow up to 2012’s ‘Trespassing’ will be released.

In amongst that Adam has found time to tour with Queen – and they’ve even planned another tour for 2015 across Europe, but one thing Adam hasn’t done is collaborate with Britney Spears.

It’s incredibly easy for rumours to spread these days thanks to social media sites like Twitter and Facebook, it’s almost instant in some cases.

All it takes is someone to make up something convincing enough to get enough retweets or shares and before you know it, you have a rumour and then you’ve got people talking.

Adam Lambert on stage with Queen (Photo Credit: Neal Preston)

Adam Lambert on stage with Queen (Photo Credit: Neal Preston)

in a recent Q&A session on Twitter, Adam was asked about a collaboration between him and Britney Spears.

Unfortunately for fans who were perhaps hoping to see the pair working together, Adam shot down those rumours and said that it was “Def JUST a rumor”. Oh well.

Adam was also speaking about how work on his third studio album, which as of yet doesn’t have a name, and isn’t quite finished yet, is coming along.

The vocalist explained to his millions of fans that the new album is “getting close” to completion but there’s still no word on a release date.

Photo Credit: Neal Preston

Photo Credit: Neal Preston

Yesterday we reported that Queen and Adam Lambert were forced to add three new dates to their 2015 European tour – in particular to the UK leg.

The three new UK dates announced include the 24th February 2015 – Wembley SSE Arena, the 26th February 2015 – Liverpool Echo Arena and the 27th February 2015 – Sheffield Motorpoint Arena.

On announcing the shows Brian May said: “Just to show we actually DO listen!!! There was a lot of demand for these extra dates, and this will make a great climax to the tour.”

Watch a performance of Adam performing at the AT&T Live Proud event recently and let us know what you think in the comments below. Did you get your tickets for the 2015 tour?


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  1. Bea on November 12, 2014 at 5:18 pm

    I understand celebrities can’t be addressing every rumor that comes their way. It has a bad way of snowballing. It is nice that now and then an occasional one gets cleared up.

    I’m looking forward to Adam Lambert’s new music as much as anyone, but it’s just fun and a joy to be able to follow everything he does. The Queen collaboration is just awesome for everyone concerned.

    I love Adam and will be his fan forever.

    Thanks Martin, for being a reliable source for Adam Lambert info.

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