Adam Lambert gives out advice at Halloween party

by Martin

Adam Lamber 1

It’s almost that time of year. Halloween is upon us and it’s time to watch scary movies, attend parties and dress up as your favourite superhero or some ghoulish looking creature.

Powerhouse Adam Lambert rocked up at a Halloween party over the weekend and took full advantage of the fancy dress theme but what did he come dressed up as?

On the 25th of October Fred and Jason had their 8th Annual Halloweenie event at Los Angeles and Adam Lambert, former American Idol contestant rocked up all blue, no he wasn’t feeling upset – he was a genie.

At the event however the star who has recently worked with Queen shared some advice for anyone who may be struggling with being themselves in the LGBT community or even coming out.

Adam Lambert Genie

Speaking with reporters Lambert said: “Move. Just move to where it gets better. I know that’s easier said than done, and I feel sometimes a little spoiled as I grew up in Southern California so sometimes I don’t quite understand what other people have to go through…”

“But, that’s what I love about social networking and social media. We can all connect and talk about our problems and struggles.”

He continued “If you’re in a place or in a town where you’re not accepted or you’re feeling ostracised… find people. The internet’s wonderful for that. Connect with people.”

Adam Lambert Rocker

Adam Lambert also shared some more photos on his official Instagram account (pictured above) of another Halloween costume but we do think that it may not actually be a costume? Could it be something he wears daily minus the hair?

Lambert also shared another series of snapshots via his official Instagram page of a different Halloween costume (shown below) and accompanied them with the caption: “Leather Vamp.”

Watch the short clip featuring Adam Lambert below.