Adam Lambert may make new music with Queen & announces new solo material!

by Martin
Adam Lambert

Queen Adam Lambert

Yesterday on Good Morning America Adam Lambert revealed to the world the news we had been waiting on all week – that he was going to tour with Queen.

We’d been speculating for days over whether it would be a tour or details on his new album and now that we know the men are hitting the road the next question on our lips was ‘will there be some collaborations too?’.

Some light was shed on the subject yesterday, during a press conference with the stars. Rolling Stone wanted to know if Queen would invite Adam onboard for some writing sessions.

Not saying too much when asked about potential new tunes, guitarist Brian May simply said: “I’m open to anything.”

Queen Adam Lambert 2

Roger Taylor, drummer for Queen added: “It would be nice. We’ll see what happens on tour. I think we’re going to make sure we enjoy it first.”

Adam Lambert also commented on the tour itself during the interview with Rolling Stone magazine explaining it will turn out to be a ‘limited thing’ and a very, very ‘special engagement.’

He also added that the idea of being asked to front such an iconic rock band: “It’s beautiful. It is surreal. I feel honored. I feel inspired by it.”


We don’t imagine that he ever gets the chance to be bored what with his busy schedule on his new album and recording episodes with ‘Glee’ but Adam revealed that he doesn’t enjoy when he has nothing to do.

He has a hectic schedule and a non stop social life and that’s just the way he likes to live.

The For Your Entertainment hitmaker said:

“If I’m not busy, I get bored and restless. Earlier this year, I did a stint on ‘Glee’. I was in Sweden this last month working on solo material. I’m actually going back to Sweden on Saturday to continue working on that.”

It sounds like Adam Lambert is incredibly excited about the forthcoming tour which will see them visit a host of cities including New York, Los Angeles, Dallas and Vancouver but it doesn’t sound like they’re going international!

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