Adam Lambert rep confirms ‘Glee’ appearances will be guest only

by Martin

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Adam Lambert has so far appeared in TV show ‘Glee’ twice but since then the internet has been unsure as to how many more episodes the singer will appear on.

Though today things might be a little clearer for fans of Adam Lambert and ‘Glee’ as we’ve had some sort of confirmation in regards to his appearances on the show.

We already know that Adam Lambert is planning to release some new material next year and has said that 2014 will be “wild” and while he’s a powerhouse vocally, he can’t do everything.

However he has confessed that joining the cast of ‘Glee’ for the two episodes he has already appeared in has made him enjoy acting that little bit more and would welcome future cameo appearances on other shows.

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A rep for Adam Lambert however confirmed to our friends over at Press Party and confirmed that his role on ‘Glee’ is only as a guest and that situation won’t change.

They added that the reason for this is because 2014 is set to be a busy year for Adam Lambert – which we already knew.

Adam Lambert himself even confirmed that his future on ‘Glee’ is “up in the air” in an interview with E!:

”I’m having a good time popping in here and there because I have a lot of other stuff in the mix right now.”


Adam Lambert has received an incredible amount of praise for his appearances on ‘Glee’ and Alex Anders – one of the producers from the show couldn’t help but praise the singer as he took to twitter and said:

“@adamlambert Working on one of your songs right now, and I just have to say that you are ridiculous. So good! Privilege to work with you.”

While you’re here why not watch Adam Lambert perform ‘Marry The Night’ on his debut episode of ‘Glee’.

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