Adam Lambert has some very inspiring thoughts on love… VIDEO

by Martin
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Adam Lambert at the AT&T Live Proud event

Adam Lambert at the AT&T Live Proud event

Vocalist Adam Lambert has had a very busy 2014 and fans have had the incredible opportunity to see him perform live with legendary rock band Queen across North America, Australia, New Zealand and more.

The tour has come to an end for now, but fear not because next year the supergroup have plans to tour Europe and the UK and fans also hope to get their hands on another solo album from Adam himself.

Meanwhile, when he’s not touring with Queen and recording new music, he’s been busy with his AT&Ts ‘Live Proud’ campaign.

As we’ve previously reported AT&Ts ‘Live Proud’ campaign exists to encourage people from all walks of life to openly celebrate who they are and to be proud of their sexuality.

This week Adam took part in the special VIP finale event at the Highland Ballroom in New York City and performed a medley of hits including a mixture of his own songs and a fabulous Queen cover.

While making his way to the event Adam found time to chat with the Examiner and admitted that the late Freddie Mercury has inspired him more than musically. Lambert admired the Queen frontman’s bold approach to his sexuality, especially considering the un-accepting era he was living in.

Adam Lambert at the AT&T Live Proud event

Adam Lambert at the AT&T Live Proud event

“Even though he didn’t acknowledge that he was out as gay, I think that he was kinda outspoken about it. I mean, he joked about it all the time. He never really said ‘no I’m not,'” Adam explained.

During his performance at the Highland Ballroom Adam also took the opportunity to speak with the audience about his understanding of love. He said:

“I think the thing that binds together the LGBT community, the things that defines us, is sexuality. We all just want love, don’t we? It’s all about love. Or finding other things in the meantime when you’re trying to find love, that’s cool too. Love is a tough game.”

If you didn’t get to see Adam performing live at the event then you can check out a video of his performance below as he performs a number of tracks including ‘Whataya Want From Me’, ‘Outlaws of Love’ and a mashup consisting of ‘Trespassing’ and ‘Another One Bites The Dust’.