Adrian Chiles was ’embarrassed’ by Daybreak’s extravagant launch!

by Lisa McGarry

Adrian Chiles has admitted that he was “embarrassed” by ITV huge launch of breakfast TV show Daybreak.

The former One Show presenter – who co-hosts the troubled morning show alongside Christine Bleakley – thinks they set themselves up for “a kicking” by having such a furore whipped up over the launch of the series in September.

He explained: “It was a very big launch and that was the main thing I would have changed. It was embarrassing seeing myself on a big billboard. I wanted to keep it quiet. I don’t think the British public wants to be told what to watch.

“I wish we hadn’t done that and let people discover it for themselves – more low key with less fanfare. We set ourselves up for a kicking, which we duly got. It’s been a stressful time but we feel that things are moving in the right direction. The scars and bruises are now starting to heal. I think we have turned a corner.”

However, fronting the show – which requires Adrian and Christine to start work at 4am each morning – is taking it’s toll on the former ‘One Show’ host, who admits he is increasingly suffering from insomnia.

Adrian added to the Daily Mirror newspaper: “I am really suffering. I just can’t sleep. I don’t sleep properly at all any more, unless I take a sleeping pull and knock myself out, which is not very satisfactory.

“I don’t sleep for more than 40 minutes at a time. At weekend I collapse but I still can’t sleep. I wake up at 3.30am ad lie there until 5am or 6am. That has become an absolute nightmare.”