Agent Carter spoilers: Peggy helps Stark but could she go to prison in the process?

by Sarah Jones
agent carter

agent carter

Agent Peggy Carter is heading to your TV screens this January and the incredibly popular Marvel character will be getting straight to work, putting her life in danger in the process.

The series, which is to air during Agents of SHIELD’s hiatus will kick off on January 6th with a 2 hour premiere. We have all the scoop on what you can expect from those opening 2 installments, to keep you going until then.

In case you missed it, Agent Carter is an 8 part series and will follow Peggy herself, as she becomes a SHIELD agent. Fitting in with the MCU, we’ll see Peggy working for SHIELD during WW2 and the presumed death of Steve Rodgers aka Captain America will still loom large over our leading lady.

The opening 2 episodes are entitled “Now Is Not The End” and “Bridge and Tunnel” respectively. In the first hour, we’ll see Peggy contacted by Howard Stark, who really needs some help from the only person he feels he can trust. Howard is in trouble after he is framed for unleashing his most deadliest weapons.


The race will be on to clear Stark’s name and he insists on his butler being at Peggy’s beck and call, regardless of what she thinks. However, the risk is high for Agent Carter as helping Stark may see her classed as a traitor, facing prison time or even worse.

In the second hour, the Stark based drama is still well and truly on. His weapons end up falling into the hands of some unsavory people, through this only Agent Carter can stop them causing destruction. However, she’s on the clock as she must do so before her secret mission is discovered by SSR Chief Dooley and Agent Thompson.


Can Peggy save Stark? We’ll have to tune in January 6th on ABC to find out.

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