Alan Carr “Adele’s only lost weight because she’s got boring and isn’t drinking’

Alan Carr and his beloved Irish setter Joyce appear in a photo shoot for this week’s heat magazine.

He said: “Aww, those glasses suited her,” he coos. “And she was so well behaved. I’ve worked with the Hollyoaks lot and, believe me, Joyce has got better table manners.”

Alan revealed: “On the backstage passes for Adele’s last tour there was a photo of Adele and Bev kissing. There was a photo of Bev projected on the backdrop at her concerts, too. She’s more famous than I am. Not hard, though, is it?”

Commenting on his friendship with Adele, he said: “We get on so well because we’re both quite normal. Her world’s gone a bit crazy and she needs a bit of normality, I think. She’s the most down-to-earth girl. We have such a laugh. She comes round and we have a cup of tea, a packet of HobNobs, put the world to rights and watch Four In A Bed or Come Dine With Me. She’s the least showbizzy person I know. It pisses me off, actually – I’d like to be on her private jet. I’m quite resentful.”

He gushed: “She’s so supportive. Before the Spexy Beast tour, I did warm-up gigs at a little 60-seater room above the Soho Theatre [in London]. She was sat at the back, cackling away. Then she came to Wembley and had front-row seats, with that laugh of hers. I wish she could be at every gig I do. I want her in the front row of Chatty Man every week.”

Speaking about Adele’s dramatic weight-loss, Alan told heat: “She’s looking great at the moment, too. The only reason she’s lost all that weight is because she’s stopped drinking. She’s not on any diets. She had Chicken McNuggets at mine the other night. She’s just not drinking because of her throat. It’s a bit boring, to be honest. It’s like having Sister Wendy or a monk round. I love a nice glass of red, but she’s like, “Oh no, I’ll just have a cuppa.”

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