Alex Polizzi talks about her new BBC show, The Fixer

by Lynn Connolly

Alex Polizzi is arguably best known on TV for her hit show, The Hotel Inspector, however, in an upcoming new series on BBC2, Alex will try to turn around the fortunes of small businesses who are struggling in the current economic crisis.

And today, TV Choice magazine have an interview with Alex in which she talks about the new show, and why she chose to take on the project.

First, when asked what prompted her to work with the BBC on the new show, Alex said, “I just saw it as a different project.

“I mean, I am in no way denigrating Channel 5 [on which Alex appeared in The Hotel Inspector]…

“I loved working with them and hopefully I will again. I’ve been discussing this project with the BBC for ages and, honestly, it’s just nice to be able to move away from hotels for a change!

“I’ve seen an awful lot of that category in the last two years and I think I have some skills that weren’t really being utilised.

And of how she copes with her TV career, and overseeing things at her own hotel, Hotel Endsleigh in Milton Abbot, Devon, Alex said, “Quite a lot of my time is spent doing TV now. There’s no getting round that.

“I have a full-time manager at the Endsleigh and have done for a couple of years. It’s staffed up so it runs without me and I just get the luxury of coming in and shouting at people if things aren’t right and get someone else to fix it.”

Of The Fixer, Alex said, “It’s a lot more days filming than I’m use to doing per episode, and as a result there’s a very intense connection with all the families featured.

“Also there’s that kind of double whammy, I’m trying to help them as a business, but I’m also trying to help resolve emotional stuff between them.

“That’s very nerve-wracking. One has to tread gingerly whenever families are concerned, and that is only right and proper.”

In one episode of The Fixer, we’ll meet Alex’s mother Olga, who comes in to help with interior design.

Of that, Alex said revealed that her mum isn’t the only family member who’ll appear on the show.

She said, “In another episode, I get involved in a bakery in Padstow and I get my husband to help because they’re trying to break into the wholesale business and he’s able to give them some advice and recipes, etc.

“There has to be a point to involving my family, but actually I do get experts across the board – and not just my relatives – to help out, because I’m not the ultimate expert in any of these businesses.

“What I can do is call in some of the best people around to assist me when needed.”

The first episode of Alex Polizzi: The Fixer airs on BBC2 on Tuesday, 31st January at 8pm.

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