Alex Reid, Kerry Katona and Danniella Westbrook to feature in Jeremy Kyle Christmas specials? God I hope so!

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There’s potentially epic news today from Holy Moly, which of course boasts Jamie East as its Managing Editor, in that they report that reality TV ‘stars’ Alex Reid, Kerry Katona and Danniella Westbrook are to feature in a series of Jeremy Kyle Christmas specials on ITV.

Yesterday, HM stated, “All the Jeremy Kyle Christmas specials start on Monday, if you’re interested.”

However, having had a squiz on the Radio Times website and ITV’s press office, sadly I can’t find any confirmation of this really rather glorious – if it’s correct – news, as the blurb for Jezzer’s shows next week is the standard one and annoyingly, it doesn’t mention the prospect of the above named ‘celebs’ airing their dirty laundry for the cameras.

But of course, the potential for Kyle’s trademark insults is huge if Reid, Katona or Westbrook do turn up…

There’s of course the still probably rather raw and most definitely open wound that is cross-dresser Alex Reid’s failed relationship with Chantelle Houghton.

Then there’s Kerry Katona’s failed… everything, and one preferred pick for topics of conversation with Danniella would of course be her nose and the fact that it fell off rather spectacularly.

But writing this has made me wonder who would be my dream team in terms of appearances on Jeremy Kyle, and I have to say, the Reid, Katona, Westbrook combo is right up there.

I’d also love to see Jasmine Lennard and Crissy Rock talking/beating the s**t out of each other about their recent ‘episode’ while filming for Celebrity Come Dine With Me…

come dine with me celebrity special christmas 2012

Who would you love to see on the show?

In the meantime, here’s a look at classic Kyle…

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One Response to “Alex Reid, Kerry Katona and Danniella Westbrook to feature in Jeremy Kyle Christmas specials? God I hope so!”

  1. Lisa Burton says:

    What? are they broke already having to appear on that dreg of a show – there will be a begging x Factor reject due to appear along side Reid….now that would be hilarious.