Alexandra and Surbhi share their special moment in tonight’s One Born Every Minute!

by Anna Howell

Tonight sees the third episode of the current series of One Born Every Minute, and what a treat it promises to be.

Two feisty and determined women take centre stage, well until their babies are born anyway, in this new episode detailing the amazing journey of childbirth.

Alexandra, or Sasha as she likes to be known, is 25 and a single mother to be. Originally from Latvia, Sasha is going it alone in Leeds without a father for her child or her family to support her.

This does not seem to faze her though, despite her family fearing that the distance between her and them will make motherhood even more difficult than it has to be.

Sasha, who decides to name her son Rupert after Rupert Everett because he is so handsome after she gives birth to him in Leeds General Infirmary, believes that her new bundle of joy is the missing link in her life, and the chance of a fresh start for her.

Surbhi, from the warrior Hindu caste, is paralysed in one arm.

This came about when she and her husband, Kaushik who is from a caste of philosophers, were involved in a motorcycle accident, an accident that Kaushik feels deeply responsible for, and has spent the rest of their lives since trying to make up for.
The pair met when Surbhi heard Kaushik singing in the shower in the flat underneath her, but they didn’t get off to the best start as he was 20 minutes late for their first date.

Now, preparing to embrace parenthood, Surbhi can rest assured knowing that her husband will not be late for the birth of their child.

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If you missed last week’s episode of One Born Every Minute, watch it in full in the video below: