This week, the top three contestants from each show return to All NewTotal Wipeout in one massive head-to-head jamboree across South America’s craziest obstacle course.

As always, Richard Hammond and Amanda Byram take charge and guide us through the fastest and most competitive episode of Total Wipeout ever as we search to find our ‘Champion of Champions’.

All of our contestants have made it through to the fearsome and soaking wet Wipeout Zone once before, but who can do it again?

The competition is crazier than ever before. Not only do our competitors have Total Wipeout experience, they also have form. And for some of them, that form is bad! How many will have learnt from their mistakes and how many have returned simply to relive and regurgitate the same hilarious errors?

All New Total Wipeout: The Final features some of the best obstacles the course has ever seen. The Rake-in-Face is as stupid as it is violent – smacking the unsuspecting, innocent and often the over-confident contestant right in the face . A computer games expert, a café owner and a search and rescue Pilot all become victims in embarrassing but spectacular style.

This week also sees the return of The Swing Thing. Not only a test of skill and strength, it is also a test of judgement. Very few people, even the Total Wipeout Finalists, possess all three. Most people, of course, lack two or more and the results are nothing short of hilarious. A Take That impersonator and a crime-scene investigator just can’t make the grade, but it’s a Detective Inspector that really makes his mark!

But the Final also provides original and spectacular solutions to Total Wipeout’s favourite obstacles. In our very own mock up of a lop-sided boxing match, Huddersfield’s very own Mohammed Ali stands up to the Sucker Punch and … wins. And a cheerleader manages the jammiest ball crossing ever seen on Total Wipeout.

When it comes to Crash Mountain, the speed and agility of the finalists is astounding and Dizzy Dummies is one the closest this series, with plenty of dirty tricks as our finalists battle it out not just for £10,000 but for that coveted title. The stakes are higher, the competition tougher – and no one is ready to give up their place in the Wipeout Zone without a fight.

But will we crown a brand new winner? Or will our Champion of Champions be someone who has won before?

In another tense and terrifying finale, the three who make it to the Wipeout Zone couldn’t be more evenly matched and the race is taken to the wire. The very last push of the button will decide who is crowned Champion of Champions.