Amazing new sonar images show the Titanic on the seabed!

As fans of period drama will know, ITV are soon debuting Julian Fellowes’ new adaptation of the story of the tragic Titanic, which of course sank on its maiden voyage, killing over 1,500 people.

Fellowes, who of course also writes Downton Abbey, has promised that his new series will show the “the whole story” of what happened on that fateful night, and yesterday, it was revealed that one survivor of the horrific incident claimed the Captain, Edward Smith, was drunk when the ship collided with an iceberg.

However, today, the Sun reports that new evidence as to what really did happen could soon surface thanks to new and stunning sonar images of the ill fated ship, lying in its watery grave…

The paper states, “Researchers have pieced together what’s believed to be the first comprehensive map of the entire 15 square mile debris field — which they hope will provide new clues about what exactly happened when the superliner struck THAT iceberg.”

More than 100,000 images were pieced together to give a stunning new look at the ship on the seabed of the North Atlantic Ocean, where it has of course rested since it sank 100 years ago.

Parks Stephenson, a Titanic historian, said of the images, “Nothing like this has ever been done for the Titanic site.

“With the sonar map, it’s like suddenly the entire room lit up and you can go from room to room with a magnifying glass and document it.”

And Titanic explorer Charlie Pellegrino added, “This is quite a significant map.

“It’s quite a significant advance in the technology and the way it’s done.”

The details of the full extent of the findings will be revealed in a special two-hour long film on the History Channel which airs on April 15, exactly 100 years after the Titanic sank.

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