American Horror Story: Coven ‘Another Attempted Murder’ spoilers: Will the girls try to kill Fiona & Marie Laveau?

by Nick Barnes
American Horror Story: Coven

American Horror Story: Coven

On last night’s episode of American Horror Story: Coven, we saw one of the fiercest duos come together in Fiona and Marie Laveau. It’s looking like they’re going to be an unstoppable force that’s going to cause some trouble along the way.

Last night, Papa Legba made a visit to the academy to pick up his yearly ‘gift’ from Laveau and as soon as Fiona found out about Legba, she was on the case like there was no tomorrow.

Legba is of course the voodoo equivalent of Satan and Marie Laveau gave up her daughter to live an eternal life. Each year, Legba visits her for his yearly gift, which is part of her duty to stay ageless for all of time.

If there’s one character that wants that too, it’s Fiona. As the next supreme grows stronger, Fiona grows weaker and she will do anything not to age any more. She called upon Papa Legba last night and even considered throwing Cordelia under the bus, until he told her the deal was off. Why? Because she has no soul.

There’s only one way that Fiona is going to stay the supreme and that’s by killing off the new supreme. But, as the new supreme is growing stronger, there’s no time to waste and Marie Laveau is even going to help.

Last night, we saw the pair drown Nan in the tub as she insisted that she was the next supreme. Unfortunately, Nan is dead and gone, there will be no return for her. On next week’s episode titled ‘Another Attempted Murder’, we see the coven of witches hold a memorial/funeral for Nan as they say goodbye to her.

Fiona says: “Say goodbye to Nan, who fell in the tub”.

American Horror Story: Coven

However, Zoe is on to Fiona and Marie as she knows that they killed Nan and there’s only one reason for that and she also knows that Fiona and Marie are going to work through each and every witch until they’ve found and killed the next supreme.

Zoe tells Madison: “She was murdered. Don’t you care at all?”

Madison sarcastically quips: “Have you met me?”

From the promo video, it looks like Madison and Zoe set off to try and kill both Marie and Fiona and the former knows what they’re up to as she tells Fiona: “You know they’re going to try and kill us”.

Fiona replies: “That’s what I’m counting on”.

We see Marie plunging a knife into something and The Axeman goes a bit weird with his axe. Will another of the girl’s be killed?

There are a few questions from last night’s episode that still need to be answered. Ryan Murphy has confirmed that Joan will not be coming back after Nan possessed her to drink bleach. However, what’s going on with Misty Day? Madison pushed her into a coffin on last night’s episode and she has been stored in a tomb. How will Misty get out and WILL she get out? I reckon there’s a good chance she will.

Also, another question that needs to be answered is, what has happened to Queenie? She was absent from last night’s episode after she shot herself in the head on the episode before the winter break ‘Head’. But, Ryan Murphy has confirmed that that isn’t the end of her – so where will she pop up from? Will she save the day and slay Fiona?

There’s only a few episodes left and I can’t wait to see where the season goes next. Will Fiona stay the supreme or will someone come along and knock her off her throne?