American Horror Story: Coven: Lily Rabe confirms her character is totally different, Taissa Famiga is “excited” to be back


The season 3 premiere of American Horror Story is creeping closer and closer, and I for one am rather excited about the forthcoming outing.

The third season has been dubbed: American Horror Story: Coven and thus far, we know that it will revolve around witchcraft and the supernatural. Lucky for us, the cast have teased the forthcoming season and what we might expect to see…

Lily Rabe is returning to the series for a third time this year, and her character will be completely different. In the first season, Rabe played Nora Montgomery whom was the wife of the doctor and former owner of the horror house. He completed botched abortions and other surgical procedures in the basement. Montgomery returned to the horror house in spirit form and was obsessed with Vivian’s pregnancy, but she also had a hard time grasping that she was from the other side and couldn’t understand why the house had changed.

In the second season, Rabe played Sister Mary Eunice, a nun serving at the sanatorium under Sister Jude. She was the story of a good girl gone bad as she went from being a nice girl to discreetly mischievous to bat-crap crazy! She became the new host for the demon which possessed Jed after he died, which turned her into a monster.


Meanwhile, Rabe has teased that her new character is nothing like Nora or Mary Eunice and that she will definitely be working with Kathy Bates.

“All lily Rabe would divulge is that her new alter ego is 1) ‘nothing like Nora or Mary Eunice from the first two seasons’ and 2) she’ll definitely be working with Kathy Bates. (‘I’m a big fan of hers,’ she raved. ‘I can’t wait.’) She also dropped this mind-blowing morsel: ‘She’s not a nun.’” TV line wrote.

Meanwhile, Taissa Farmiga who is also returning for the third season after not appearing in the second season has revealed she is “very excited” to be returning. In the first season, Farmiga played the character of Violet Harmon, a troubled teenager who confides in her new-found friend, Tate. But we also find out the revelation that Violet is also a ghost (like Tate) as she died after taking an overdose.

Farmiga said: “I’m very excited to come back, I can tell you that. I’m just looking forward to working with the cast again, I haven’t seen them in like a year-and-a-half. [The season is] going to be pretty awesome.”


What we also know is that Emma Roberts has been cast in the role of the rumoured party girl character. She will play a character named Madison, is a “young and sexy Hollywood-actress type character” and will appear in at least 9 episodes, with the potential for even more

Patti LuPone and Angela Bassett have already been cast along with Gabourey Sidibe. Unfortunately, it is not yet known what type of characters they will be playing.

The third season will be set in three different cities, one of which being New Orleans and another being a city that has experienced true horror in the past.

Evan Peters, Kathy Bates, Frances Conroy and Sarah Paulson will also star in this year’s season.


Unfortunately, Zachary Quinto who starred in the first two seasons will not be returning for the third run.

American Horror Story returns this October on FX!