American Horror Story: Coven ‘The Sacred Taking’ spoilers: Cordelia draws up the battle plans to kill Fiona!

by Nick Barnes

American Horror Story: Coven The Sacred Taking

American Horror Story: Coven returns tomorrow night following on from its absence last week, and judging by the trailer, tomorrow night’s epiode will make up for both weeks in one.

The next episode is titled ‘The Sacred Taking’ and is very much focused on revenge in one way or another as a lot of dark things have been happening in New Orleans as of late.

On the last episode that we saw, Cordelia warned Zoe that she has to stay away from Fiona as if Fiona finds out she is becoming stronger and gaining new powers, then she will presume she is the next supreme and there’s a chance she will try to kill her. Therefore, there is only one thing to do… kill Fiona!

The revenge plot to kill Fiona and to wipe their hands of Queenie is the main focus of tomorrow evening’s episode.

American Horror Story: Coven The Sacred Taking

Cordelia tells Nan, Zoe and Madison: “Let go of everything outside this room, right now.

“Losing Queenie is a terrible failure… my failure! But, as of now, she’s dead to me and no one else will slip through the cracks. Let’s get back to the battle plan”.

The battle plan starts with killing Fiona, however, Cordelia warns Zoe that they only have one chance at this so their plan needs to be “flawless”.

Madison says that she wants to slit Cordelia’s throat, but she is told that she has to stay in the shadows as Fiona must not know she’s back.

Following that, there’s quite a frantic knocking at the front door. When Zoe answers it, Misty comes running into the academy to say that she has been found… very odd.

We also know that Myrtle is back on tomorrow evening’s episode after Misty has been nursing her better.

American Horror Story: Coven The Sacred Taking

Queenie continues to be torn between what she should do – should she continue with the Salem witches where she feels welcomed and where she feels safe, or should she join the Voodoo witches which is where she feels like she belongs. It’s a tough one for her.

In one of the scenes during the promo video that has been released, Queenie takes LaLaurie extra food as it seems like Laveau is starving her.

LaLaurie tells Queenie: “You put me in here, you can get me out”.

It also appears Laveau slices LaLaurie’s wrist as some sort of punishment, and she screams out in pain.

American Horror Story: Coven continues on FX tomorrow evening at 10/9c.