American Horror Story: Coven ‘The Sacred Taking’ spoilers: Myrtle is back, Zoe has a shocking plan & Queenie is torn between her priorities

by Nick Barnes

American Horror Story: Coven Queenie, Madame LaLaurie

A brand new trailer for the next episode of American Horror Story: Coven has been unveiled and it looks like it’s going to be packed to the rafters with action.

Unfortunately, I missed the sense of action on last night’s episode and I didn’t feel it was as fast paced as some of the previous episodes that we have seen. But, ‘The Sacred Taking’ looks to be on track.

Another thing to note is that American Horror Story: Coven will not air next week as it takes a break. The show will be back on December 4.

The next episode is titled ‘The Sacred Taking’ and as we saw on last night’s show, Marie Leveau and Queenie became closer than they should have. They formed some sort of weird alliance which drove Queenie to take Madame LaLaurie to Laveau. The latter subsequently locked Madame LaLaurie in a cage and it looks like she’s going to start torturing her, the same way that she tortured many others and even made the Minotaur.

Queenie seems to be torn between what she should do – should she continue with the Salem witches where she feels welcomed and where she feels safe, or should she join the Voodoo witches which is where she feels like she belongs. It’s a tough one for her.

In one of the scenes during the promo video that has been released, Queenie takes LaLaurie extra food as it seems like Laveau is starving her.

American Horror Story: Coven Madison

LaLaurie tells Queenie: “You put me in here, you can get me out”.

It also appears Laveau slices LaLaurie’s wrist as some sort of punishment, and she screams out in pain.

Elsewhere, on last night’s episode Cordelia warned Zoe that she should stay away from Fiona. If she keeps showing new powers, there’s every chance Fiona may kill her due to her thinking she is the next supreme. On the next episode, Zoe says: “It begins by killing Fiona. I wanna slit her throat”. Zoe and Madison hatch a plan to murder Fiona, but will their plan work out? She’s becoming weaker by the day!

American Horror Story: Coven Fiona

As we saw a couple of weeks back, Fiona framed Myrtle Snow as the one that attacked Cordelia and as a result, she was burnt at the stake. Misty Day has managed to nurse Myrtle back to good health and she is back in good form on the next episode. One person that isn’t happy about the news is Fiona, and Misty asks Myrtle for her help. Now that Myrtle is back, what could this mean for Fiona?

“So where’s this little swamp witch?” Fiona asks.

Meanwhile, it isn’t all lost between Fiona and The Axeman. Even though she walked out on him on last night’s episode, they seem to be back together again and enjoying their dangerous relationship on the December 4 episode. It also looks like Fiona is beginning to lose her hair a lot more during the next episode.

American Horror Story: Coven continues at 10/9c on FX on December 4.