American Horror Story: Coven ‘The Sacred Taking’ spoilers: The new Supreme is identified but will the girls kill Fiona?!

by Nick Barnes

American Horror Story: Coven The Sacred Taking

American Horror Story: Coven returns this evening following last week’s little break, and I have to say, tonight’s episode ‘The Sacred Taking’ is EPIC and easily makes up for last week’s small hiatus.

There’s literally so much going on in tonight’s episode that if you take your eyes off the screen for a moment, you’ll most likely miss something. However, the most pivotal part of tonight’s episode is that the new Supreme has been found…. but who is it? You’ll have to tune in this evening to find that one out.

As we saw a couple of weeks back when the show was last on air, Queenie handed over Delphine LaLaurie to Marie Laveau and she locked her up in a cage to get her revenge. This evening’s episode opens with quite a startling performance from Queenie and it’s safe to say that her loyalties have well and truly changed.

“Voodoo, witchcraft… this town is isn’t big enough for the two of us. War is coming and you’re gonna lose,” Queenie tells Zoe and Madison… it’s safe to say that one hell of a storm is brewing on tonight’s episode.

As we have seen in the trailer that has been released, Laveau ends up slicing off one of Madame LaLaurie’s hands, but it gets worse from there on as Laveau “enacts her horrible vengeance”. She’s slowly getting what she wants, once again.

On a previous episode, we found out that Hank has been a pawn in Laveau’s game all along, and that comes back into play on tonight’s episode and he plays quite a dangerous role in the town of New Orleans.

American Horror Story: Coven The Sacred Taking

Meanwhile, the girls at the coven plan how they’re going to kill Fiona. As we already know, Misty Day and Myrtle Snow turn up at the coven on this evening’s episode, but why? Why are they at the Coven? And, will the girls pull off the flawless plan of killing Fiona? It’s possible… She’s told that she has two options. Either she gobbles up her pills like tic-tacs and takes her own life, OR she gets burnt at the stake. Fiona isn’t one to back down, but now that her illness is becoming progressively worse, is it time for her to step down as the Supreme? Who knows!

Elsewhere, we see the return of Luke and his mother who live in the house next door and they are part of quite a big, central scene on tonight’s show.

We also see quite a rare ritual performed in the academy which involves all the witches in the Coven, but the ritual cannot work without a selfless act from one witch in particular, but who could that be and what could the selfless act involve?

The show ends with Fiona receiving a parcel outside the door of the academy and there’s quite a bloody surprise waiting for her, but what could it be?

Tonight’s show is very action packed and one thing leads onto another. It’s definitely a must-see episode, but those are all the teasers I can give you without completely spoiling tonight’s episode for you… just remember, nothing is ever as it seems in the town of New Orleans!