American Horror Story: Coven spoilers: Ryan Murphy talks THAT bloody package & what’s in store next week

by Nick Barnes

American Horror Story: Coven Queenie, Madame LaLaurie

For those of you that haven’t seen last night’s episode of American Horror Story: Coven yet… I suggest you don’t read on. There’s some MAHJOR spoilers inside.

Okay so, on last night’s episode, Fiona received quite a bloody package at the end of the episode and when she opened it, Madame LaLaurie was staring back at her. Except, it was just her head in the box.

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Ryan Murphy, mastermind of the show spoke about that fateful package, Stevie Nicks and what is happening on next week’s episode, titled ‘Head’.

A couple of weeks back, we saw Queenie go all bad-chick on us as she turned to the dark side. She handed over LaLaurie to Marie Laveau and since then, the latter has been holding the former in a cage as part of her revenge for creating the minotaur all those years back.

LaLaurie joked that she can’t die, so no matter what Laveau does to her, she will always stay alive. As a result, Laveau sliced off one of LaLaurie’s hands and then sliced off her head and sent it as a package to Fiona.

Speaking about that part of the show, Murphy said: “Well the interesting thing about that story was basically we’ve established that LaLaurie’s punishment is that she can live forever so she’s a character who can’t be killed. So at a certain point, as she even says in the episode, she learned like, ‘F*** you. You can do whatever you want.’ So you’re like What could Marie do to her that would be heinous?”


We know that next week’s episode is going to be fiery and Queenie is going to play quite a big park. Murphy even said that next week’s episode is “some of the best work of the season”.

Joan will be back next week after Misty Day brought her back to life after Hank shot her on last night’s episode and she now knows that the academy is full of witches. She’s not best pleased about it, but she knows that they can help her. We see the proper return of Myrtle Snow and there’s some great “Jessica stuff, Sarah stuff, Emma stuff. I’m really excited for people to see that Winter cliffhanger because it’s pretty amazing… It’s some of the best work of the season”.

One thing we do know about next week’s episode is that there will be a turning point for Queenie. “She’s trying to figure out where she fits in. She has a really big arc and a really big thing that happens that turns everything around for her,” he explained.

He went on to say: “Ultimately where that winter cliffhanger gets to is incredibly moving and very dramatic and it’s about something that I think is very profound. You’ll see”.

Stevie Nicks will appear on the first episode back in January and Murpy has teased she will appear in a second episode, but when it’ll be, we don’t know.

It sounds like the winter cliffhanger episode is going to be interesting, to say the least and very explosive. Following on from next week’s episode, we won’t see American Horror Story: Coven until January 8 with the final four episodes of the season.