American Horror Story: Jessica Lange to leave after fourth season?

by Martin


Jessica Lange some would say has been the driving force behind hit FX show American Horror Story since it began.

The award winning actress though has said that after the fourth season she’ll be exiting the show for good.
American Horror Story is currently in it’s third season which began only a few weeks ago. This season follows three witches and has been titled ‘Coven’.

Season two was titled ‘Asylum’ and followed a mental institution ran by Sister Jude (Lange) and the first season followed a family in a murder house where Jessica Lange played a key part as a creepy meddling next door neighbour

With each season following a different story – the actors may be the same but with different characters the possibilities are endless but Jessica Lange has said that after the fourth season she may be bowing out of acting completely after 40 years.


Speaking with the Los Angeles Times the veteran actress said: “I am coming to the end of acting,”

“I have a list: another stage production, maybe one or two more movies, one more season of American Horror Story. . . and then that is it for me.”

She continued “Because I think that’s enough. I want to go out with a bang. . . or should I say, a scare?”

In the first season of American Horror Story Lange played Constance Langdon and that part presented her with an Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actress for a part in a Miniseries or a movie.

Lange continued: “It reenergized me; it reenergized my career,”

“There’s no shame in recognizing that. It’s exposed me to a whole new generation, which is a little strange. I’m not used to young people thinking I’m cool.”


Jessica Lange also spoke about how when American Horror Story co-creator Ryan Murphy (Glee) called she knew nothing of his work but knew of his work through his reputation and he charmed her into taking the risk of such a huge part: “The power of seduction got me here,” she said.

“He just charmed me. I don’t watch TV – I had never seen Glee or Nip/Tuck. I knew of him by reputation.”

“And the truth of the matter is, I just thought, ‘Wow, nobody has done that song and dance for me in a long time.’ I liked being wanted.”

Ryan Murphy spoke with The Hollywood Reporter and seemed optimistic that Lange wouldn’t be leaving the show: “Every year, she says, ‘OK, that’s my last one’,”

“But she’s already committed to the fourth series. I can see American Horror Story going 10 years, 12 years, 15 years.

He added: “I think it’s limitless because it re-energises every year, and I would love for Jessica Lange to be part of it every year.”

For now you can catch Jessica Lange and American Horror Story: Coven as it airs on Wednesday nights on FX in the US.