American Horror Story season 4 to be “period piece” with a circus theme?

by Nick Barnes
Jessica Lange

Jessica Lange American Horror Story: Coven

We always love events like Comic-Con and the Television Critics Association Press Tours because details about our favourite shows begins to be drip fed to us, and American Horror Story is no different.

We already know that American Horror Story will return for a fourth season, which will most likely be Jessica Lange’s last with the show, however, not much information has been given on the direction of the season… until now!!

Ryan Murphy has previously promised that we will get a glimpse into the theme of season four toward the end of season three ‘Coven’, but FX CEO John Landgraf has revealed that the fourth season will most likely be a “period piece”.

Unfortunately, that is where the information starts and stops as we don’t know anything else as of yet.

Speaking to the audience at the TCA Winter Press Tour in Pasadena , Landgraf said that the show will most likely be a “period piece” and that most of the ‘Coven’ cast will be returning. The latter of which is very exciting as I think we have an amazing cast this year, with the mix of Jessica Lange, Kathy Bates, Emma Roberts, Taissa Farmiga, Angela Bassett and Gabourey Sidibe, to name but a few.

Landgraf went on to add that Ryan Murphy, the mastermind behind the show, has “virtual carte blanche to do whatever he wants to do”.

If it is indeed true that Murphy is thinking of doing a period piece, it won’t be a shock for avid viewers as a lot of American Horror Story has been set in the past. The first season ‘Haunted House’ was a period piece as was the second season ‘Asylum’ which was set in the 1960s. A lot of coven has been set in present day, but the season has jumped back and forth between the past and present.

American Horror Story: Coven

Back in October, Murphy told E! Online: “I always thought it would be cool to have the season end and the last image will be ‘this is what the next season is about’ and you’ll get the title”.

He also revealed that he would like to sprinkle clues throughout the last three episodes of the season before giving away the title during the final episode of the season. If that is correct, then the clues will begin during this evening’s episode of Coven.

Elsewhere, fans seem to think that the show will take on a circus theme as Murphy told The Hollywood Reporter that Jessica Lange will play a “Marlene Dietrich figure” on the fourth season. Dietrich was a legendary German actress and singer in 1929, in which she landed the role of Lola-Lola. Subsequently, fans seemingly think it will take on either a carnival or circus theme, which would be pretty cool. Not to mention a circus theme could also be very, very creepy.

The current season of AHS has been very dark in places, but it hasn’t had the ‘creepy factor’ that the first and second season had, which I’d definitely like to see return.

American Horror Story: Coven continues this evening at 10/9c on FX.