American Horror Story season 4 SPOILERS! Get ready to head to the CARNIVAL!

American Horror Story Circus


We are ELATED that there’s finally some sort of news floating around the interwebz about the forthcoming fourth season of American Horror Story.

American Horror Story’s co-executive producer kind of slipped up today and confirmed that the fourth season of the show will be themed around the carvival. I expect Ryan Murphy to hand him his P45 in the morning…

Murphy has been very well trained in keeping his lips firmly shut about the new seasons of American Horror Story in the past, and he’ll only announce things when the time is right. Whether the theme of the new season was supposed to be announced today or not is a different story.

Speaking with Nerdest Writers Panel, AHS’ Co-Executive Producer Doglas Petrie kind of spilled the beans when pushed about the theme of the fourth season.

When asked, he immediately said: “I can say nothing”. However, it was Moira Kirkland, a writer for Castle and Arrow that pushed him over the edge.

American Horror Story Circus

She added: “Well, I don’t know if it’s true, but I heard carnival”.

That’s when Petrie responded like a rabbit caught in the headlights of a car: “Yes – that was the, it – it does not have a title”.

Not happy with making him sweat just a little, moderator of the podcast Ben Blacker pushed: “But that’s the setting?”

Petrie went on to confirm: “That’s the idea, that’s very roughly the idea”.

Earlier this year, fans of American Horror Story made a series of posters which depicted a circus theme, and despite Ryan Murphy saying that they were virtually wrong at the time, the fans weren’t a million miles off.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly at the time, Murphy said: “No one has completely guessed what it is”… turns out he was trying to throw everyone off the scent.

The fourth season of the show is likely to be Jessica Lange’s last season after she said she wouldn’t be returning for a fifth run last year.

Thus far, we know that season 4 will be a period piece and will take place over two time periods, one of which being the 1950s.

We also know that Lange will play a Marlene Dietrich-type character, as it has always been one of her dreams, according to Murphy.

Back at the beginning of February, Murphy said: “Jessica [Lange] will be back. She says it’s her last [season] but I’m going to do everything I can to convince her to continue with the series because I see AHS running for decades. She’ll be playing a Marlene Dietrich-type, which has always been one of her dreams. Season 4 will take place in the 1950s… that’s all I can say”.