American Horror Story season two spoilers: Jessica Lange will be a ‘bride of Christ!’

American Horror Story will return to FX for it’s second season this October and bit by bit, spoilers and teasers are beginning to emerge.

This afternoon we bring you some more details on Jessica Lange’s character – who we already know will be completely different to season one – and what personality traits she will display.

Writer Tim Minear told MTV that the American actress, 63, will play a female cleric in the new season of the thriller, explaining:

“She’s playing a nun. She’s playing an administrator of a facility……She’s a bride of Christ.”

As if things weren’t spooky enough in the first series eh?

Minear also detailed how exactly Lange’s new character stands out from Constance – who she played in season one – saying that the nun will display more of a refined upbringing, manners, and tastes.

He added:

“She’s not playing this kind of ersatz Tennessee Williams character this time. She’s playing something that’s a little more East Coast, a little more patrician.”

We previously revealed that Jessica will be joined in the new run by The Voice coach and Maroon 5 singer Adam Levine. However details of his character were not as forthcoming and it was clear that the writer was playing some cards close to his chest.

It has already been confirmed that the handsome singer will play one half of “The Lovers,” and Tim teased:

“Let’s say that Adam’s character is kind of a nod to contemporary sensibilities, as opposed to something from the mid-century.”

Levine recently admitted in a separate interview with E! Online that showrunner Ryan Murphy had warned him to keep schtum about the plot and his alter ego’s role, however he did reveal that he will be a newly wed who is on holiday with his wife when the series kick starts this autumn.

He also promised fans that his part in the show will feature some very ‘gory’ moments.

The setting for season two will be an institution for the criminally insane in the 1960s, with Jessica Lange’s new character as the head of the asylum. It will be themed on sanity and other returning cast members will include former Heroes star Zachary Quinto, American Gothic actress Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters and Lily Rabe.