American Horror Story spoiler: New Bloody Face unveiled?

American Horror Story bosses appear to have introduced a modern day Bloody Face in a very sneaky way.

Within minutes of episode six of the current series, fans are treated to a tease of the new actor’s identity when a 911 call is made to tell police about bodies in Briarcliff.

And while the Bloody Face of 1964 was revealed to be Dr. Thredson, played by Zachary Quinto, close-listening viewers noticed the voice on the telephone call was not that of the actor but was instead Dylan McDermott.

Dylan played psychiatrist and cheating father Dr. Ben Harmon in season one of the show and, while bosses are yet to confirm if it was his voice on the call this season, creator Ryan Murphy recently revealed the actor would be making a return to the show as a new character.

He wrote: “So thrilled to announce Dylan McDermott is returning to ‘American Horror Story’.”

And it wasn’t long before Dylan was called to the set of the show to start filming.

Earlier this month, he tweeted: “On the set of ‘American Horror Story’. I promise you will be thoroughly f**king satisfied.”

A few days later, he added: “On the set of ‘American Horror’ filming today. Some serious twisted s**t going down!”

And the star even gave fans a date for their diary for when he will first be seen on the series.

He tweeted: “Friends, change in schedule… I’m told I will not appear on ‘American Horror Story’ till Dec.12! Keep the lights on… (sic)”

The following day, he added: “Whatever you think you know… you don’t know. ‘American Horror Story’… Lock your doors!”

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