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‘Hannibal’ recast the role of Mason Verger for season three – Joe Anderson is in!

Michael Pitt won't be returning for season three

Michael Pitt won’t be returning for season three

The second season of NBC show ‘Hannibal’ finished up in May of this year, and viewers got the opportunity to see the moment Mason Verger took orders from Hannibal Lecter.

The role of Mason Verger was originally played by Michael Pitt, but it has been confirmed that for season three, Pitt won’t be returning, but the show’s bosses have recast the character.

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Sarah Jessica Parker heading back to HBO with new ‘Divorce’ comedy!

Sarah Jessica Parker will star in divorce comedy

Sarah Jessica Parker is returning to HBO for a brand new comedy!

According to Variety, SJP will be starring in ‘Divorce,’ a new half hour comedy that tells the story of a couple going through a very long, drawn out divorce. The show will take a comedic look at the extended divorce process, and it’s thought that Parker will play the wife in the upcoming series.

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David Schwimmer to play Robert Kardashian in American Crime Story!


David Schwimmer is making his big return to TV in a less than expected role. He’s set to return to the small screen to play a Kardashian. Yes, a Kardashian.

But it’s not quite what you think.

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Person of Interest 4×11 spoilers: Will ANYONE make it out alive? Samaritan strikes AGAIN!

The Cold War

Person of Interest will return on January 6th with the second part of the epic trilogy of episodes, which sees Team Machine continue their battle against Samaritan.

In the latest installment, Samaritan really flexed their muscles when they cleaned up crime on the streets one minute, then caused absolute havoc the next. With there being shootings, stabbings and MANY unsavory incidents. This all being to draw The Machine out and it worked, who could forget Root’s meeting with that creepy (and BRILLIANT) kid?

At the end of the episode, we saw The Machine lead Root to the NYSE and now, the synopsis for 4×11 hints just a little more on what’s to come for Finch and co…

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Castle spoilers: Season 8 is NOT a sure thing! David Amann talks the show’s future…


It might be time to worry for fans of Castle.

Season 8 of the hit ABC crime drama is still very much up in the air – as the show’s lead stars Stana Katic and Nathan Fillion’s contracts run out at the end of this season and they’ve yet to renew.

Recently, Stana Katic spoke at length about whether there would be another season of the show. She talked about how for her it was more art over finance and that as long as the show are creating compelling storylines, they are ‘good to go’.

However, TVLine are reporting showrunner David Amann’s latest comments and it seems as if he’s as much in the dark about the show’s future as we, the fans are.

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Agents of SHIELD spoilers: May’s back story to feature in 2B & what’s next for Skye after THAT reveal?


It’s safe to say that the Agents of SHIELD mid-season finale was all levels of crazy. It looks like all that is set to continue when the show returns in March.

We discovered that Skye was in fact Daisy Johnson but she also went onto ‘transform’ too. When Daddy dearest told her she’d come back to him because ‘no one else would understand’ alongside his previous claims that people should be scared of Skye’s true self, was this foreshadowing of her now new state?

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Vampire Diaries spoilers: Annie Wersching to recur & Ian Somerhalder to direct an episode?

fox winter party 3 140109

Annie Wersching is one actress in demand right now! Alongside her return on Castle as Dr Nieman, the actress has also booked herself a recurring spot on this series of Vampire Diaries.

There’s new cast members and a new face in the directors chair on the show too. While Paul Wesley has tried his hand at directing previously and producer Julie Plec too for that fact, it has been confirmed Mr Smolderhalder himself is about to step behind the camera!

So for all you need to know, head on inside.

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Glee spoilers: The cast get dirty filming wedding scenes!

Glee 'New Directions': Santana & Brittany

Things are getting messy over at ‘Glee.’

As we all know by now, the Fox show is currently gearing up for its sixth and final season, and by the looks of things, the cast are getting down and dirty as filming starts to come to a close.

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‘Smash’ inspiration ‘Bombshell’ coming to TV for one night only!


It’s the news ‘Smash’ fans have been waiting for… Kind of.

Though there are currently no plans to bring the NBC musical show back to TV, ‘Smash’ is making a big return in its own special way.

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Sleepy Hollow spoilers: No rest for Abbie and Ichabod and sneaky Katrina?

sleepy hollow

Sleepy Hollow will return for its final few episodes of season 2 on the 5th January with ‘Paradise Lost’.

A lot went down in the mid-season finale, including the death of Abbie and Ichabod’s most deadly foe Moloch. Also, Captain Irving died, which admittedly we still haven’t forgiven the writers for! However, the question is with Moloch now gone what’s next for the two witnesses? Can there be life in Sleepy Hollow without all the supernatural madness?

For all you need to know ahead of episode 12, head on inside!

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The Mentalist 7×06 spoilers: Abbott gets put in a very troubling situation…


While this season of The Mentalist has focussed on the budding romance between Patrick Jane and Teresa Lisbon, also in this final season we’re set to learn more about boss Dennis Abbott starting in episode 6.

We told you previously, that former Spiderman actor Dylan Baker had been cast as a blast from Abbott’s past, his former boss Bill Peterson. Through the new synopsis, we have an idea of just how he will make the FBI boss’ life hard work.

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NCIS 12×11 spoilers: Gibbs second ex wife to appear and Sergei is back uh-oh…


We don’t have too long to wait until the next installment of NCIS, with TV’s number one show returning on the 6th January. There’s set to be plenty of drama, especially involving our main man Gibbs!

While the show have always joked about how Gibbs has been married 3 times, we’ve never actually seen the mysterious second wife but now we are! That’s not all though, because we’re going to see Diane Sterling, who infamously married both Gibbs and Fornell as she is going to return in the same episode.

With the personal aspect for Gibbs and this season’s big bad Sergei also down to guest, the team will have their work cut out for them in the first episode of 2015….

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Criminal Minds 10×11 spoilers: The team head to Nevada as JJ’s past comes back to haunt her…


In this season of Criminal Minds, we’ve seen everything from deeply disturbing crimes, a hint at what’s to come with the human trafficking stories but it’s sure been balanced out with sweet, personal moments between the team.

Last week, we saw Rossi take Hotch out to a jazz club as his ‘wing man’ after he discovered that he’d broken up with Beth, who had decided to take a life changing job offer. While Dave had his eye on the jazz singer, he had other ideas when he set Aaron and the singer’s friend up together.

However, while we got a humorous moment with two of the team’s members, when Criminal Minds returns on January 14th JJ’s past is going to come back to haunt her in a big way. So for all you need to know about “The Forever People” head on inside…

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24 cancelled? Kiefer Sutherland says he won’t be back!

24 live another day

Sad news for fans of ’24.’

Kiefer Sutherland has admitted that he doesn’t think he’ll be back to shoot another season of the Fox hit.

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Pretty Little Liars spoilers: A mind blowing season finale, a big Mona based casting & are Ezria in trouble?

pretty little liars

We’re counting down the days until Pretty Little Liars is back on our screens. The winter premiere will air on the 6th January on ABC and we’re expecting BIG things from 5B, if these latest round of spoilers are anything to go by.

There’s everything from a Mona based casting to Ezria troubles and talk of a ‘mind blowing’ season finale. So for all you need to know head on inside!

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