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New movies & TV shows coming to Netflix in November!


As we told you yesterday, Netflix is cleaning house ready for a new month of content.

Though we’ll be saying goodbye to a number of classic movies including ‘Steel Magnolias’ and ‘Footloose,’ in their place, the streaming service is going to be giving subscribers a whole lot of new content.

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Teresa Giudice’s daughter forms a band! Is she using music to get through her troubles?


Despite the legal drama surrounding her family, Teresa Giudice’s daughter Gia is keeping herself busy.

The 13-year-old, who has appeared alongside her family on ‘The Real Housewives of New Jersey’ since in began in 2009, has actually formed a girlband with two of her closest friends, called 3KT. According to the band’s official Instagram page, 3KT stands for 3 Karat Diamonds, as their manager affectionately refers to them as “shining diamonds.”

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The Bachelor: Was Juan Pablo Galavis USING Nikki Ferrel to promote himself? Is that why they split?


As we reported earlier this week, ‘The Bachelor’ season 18 contestants Juan Pablo Galavis and Nikki Ferrell called it quits after dating for almost a year. But what went wrong?

According to Us Weekly, the reality couple ended their relationship because Ferrell finally realised that Galavis was only in it for the fame.

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Vampire Diaries 6×05 spoilers: Damon & Bonnie’s discovery & Stefan’s back!

The World Has Turned and Left Me Here

“The World Has Turned and Left Me Here”

Get ready for a new Vampire Diaries tonight on The CW as the gang get ready for Homecoming. While Elena and Liam grow closer, Caroline who is usually the life and soul of the party will be preoccupied as Stefan shows up unexpectedly.

Stefan will need Caroline’s help when it comes to cleaning up a mess created by Enzo, which of course was Ivy being turned into a vampire.

Meanwhile, in Mystic Falls 1994 Bonnie and Damon’s fate has been teased further. Will they ever make it back home?

Head on inside for our rundown of this week’s episode “The World Has Turned and Left Me Here”.

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Supernatural 10×05 Fan Fiction spoilers: A musical 200th episode!


Unfortunately, Supernatural is another show set for a 2 week break. Not to fear however, as we’re here to bring you the latest on the November 11th episode, which is the 200th episode of the series fittingly entitled “Fan Fiction”.

The show has always been keen to show its love for the fans over the last 10 years and this episode is dedicated to those loyal supporters of the show. Meanwhile, there’s plenty of familar faces returning but the producers are keeping their cards very close to their chests on just who will return.

So head inside for a promo ahead of the episode and all we know so far…

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The Flash 1×05 Plastique spoilers: Captain Cold & who pays Iris a visit? (PHOTOS)

the flash 1

Sadly, there’s a small break until the next Flash episode. However, we have all the scoop ahead of the November 11th installment which is entitled “Plastique”.

There’s everything from army conspiracies, super soldiers and the appearance of a classic comic book character in Bette Sans Souci aka Plastique.

Of course, in this week’s episode Barry found himself not going up against a meta human, as he has done so far but somebody with a deadly piece of equipment in Captain Cold. However, in episode 5 he’ll be back to fighting some of the most dangerous people with unexplainable powers.

So head on inside for our rundown of the episode and who will be paying Miss West a visit…

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Arrow 3×05 spoilers: Felicity Smoak uncovered! Flashbacks and back story coming


Felicity Smoak has come a long way over the last 3 seasons of Arrow. Originally, she was only set to appear in a single episode and now she’s one of the show’s most loved characters!

How glad are we that the writers kept Emily on? From Felicity being the most adorable nerd going to her undeniable chemistry with Oliver – we sure do love her.

In next week’s episode, we’re finally going to learn some more about our favorite IT girl, as the show delves into her past with a series of flashbacks. Although we know very little about Felicity before she came to Queen Consolidated, it seems that this episode will answer some of our questions.

So what’s coming up? Head inside to find out….

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Arrow spoilers: Nyssa and Oliver team up to bring down Malcolm & Ra’s al Ghul arrives (VIDEO)

The Magician

Tonight’s episode of Arrow will not only see the 50th episode of the hit superhero drama, but the first appearance of classic super villain Ra’s al Ghul, so it’s a fitting occasion.

A big element of this season has been the search for Sara Lance’s killer but the trail has run cold, with there being little indication that this was a League hit.

At the end of last week’s episode, Nyssa al Ghul returned demanding to know where Sara was. Awkward. So what’s coming up in the milestone episode? Head on inside to find out…

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Criminal Minds 10×05 spoilers: Thomas Gibson directs tonight’s spooky installment ‘Boxed In’ (VIDEO)

Boxed In

Criminal Minds while being one of the most entertaining shows out there, has a great habit of scaring the heck out of us. Well, tonight it’s the Halloween episode with just two days to go until the popular holiday and the BAU are back on the case, in what’s set to be another creepy episode.

Thomas Gibson will step behind the camera tonight as he directs the episode, which is entitled ‘Boxed In’. It’s a family affair as Gibson’s son Travis is also set for a guest appearance!

So what’s coming up in tonight’s episode? Head on inside to find out…

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NCIS actress Sarah Jane Morris is heading to Hawaii Five-0 – spoilers


There’s yet MORE familar faces heading to Hawaii Five-0 this season, as it’s been confirmed that actress Sarah Jane Morris, most commonly known for her recurring role on NCIS will be guest starring on the show.

The news of her appearance was first confirmed by TVLine, and the brief information which has been released about her upcoming role on the series provides some interesting insight into what we can expect from the drama.

Who will she play? Head on inside to find out…

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Chicago Fire 3×07 spoilers: The 3 way crossover with ‘PD’ and ‘SVU’ begins


We told you previously that Chicago Fire, Chicago PD and Law and Order SVU were planning a major crossover arc. Of course, with all three shows airing on NBC and being a part of the Dick Wolf universe, it all makes sense.

Chicago PD often crosses over with Fire, while SVU and PD crossed over on their respective shows last season, when a particular case involved the two.

Now, a synopsis has been released for Chicago Fire’s next installment, set for Tuesday 11th November and the events of this episode will kick off the three way crossover. We can’t wait!

Head on inside to find out what it’s all about!

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Neil Patrick Harris heading US version of Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway!


Neil Patrick Harris is set to take ‘Ant and Dec’s Saturday Takeaway’ across the pond.

NBC confirmed yesterday that the 2015 Oscars host will be starring in the US version of the uber-popular variety show which will run for 10 hour long episodes.

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Nashville Spoilers! Derek Hough getting closer to Hayden Panettiere?

Courtesy of ABC

Courtesy of ABC

As we previously reported, Noah West (Derek Hough) is getting pretty close with Juliette Barnes (Hayden Panettiere) on ‘Nashville.’

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Chicago Fire 3×06 spoilers: Casey to protect Christie & Mills new hobby?

chicago fire

The nights may be drawing in but one thing’s for sure, the drama on Chicago Fire won’t stop. Tonight’s episode is entitled “Madmen and Fools” and it’s set to be a Matt Casey dominated episode following on from the events of last week, when he discovered the truth about his sister’s husband’s seedy antics.

Casey threatened Jim at the end of last week’s episode, after he was trying to divorce Matt’s sister Christie and leave her penniless with his business thriving at the time. The synopsis for this week describes Casey as going to “great lengths” to protect his sister.

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Agents of SHIELD 2×06 spoilers: Fitzsimmons showdown & more Hydra antics VIDEO


Last week’s episode of Agents of SHIELD sure was a gamechanger.  Skye discovered more about her father including his motivations, we also learned that she could have alien DNA.

When the idea was posed to Skye, she was understandably horrified but there has to be a reason she hasn’t been effected when it comes to the crazy carving and Garrett’s madness – including now Coulson’s troubles.

The latest sneak peek from ABC has also shown that FitzSimmons are set for a showdown. Of course, Simmons left Fitz after everything that went down with Ward to go undercover. In the meantime, Fitz was hallucinating Simmons to help him deal with his issues. Now she’s returned, can their relationship ever recover?

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