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Person of Interest 4×13/4×14 spoilers: The hunt for Shaw, jury duty & new numbers! It’s all going on!

Person of Interest - Episode 4.13 - M.I.A. - Promotional Photos

To say Person of Interest has had us on the edge of our seats these last few weeks would be a slight understatement. The fight against Samaritan has stepped up a gear, as Shaw put herself in the line of fire to save the rest of Team Machine.

After a small break, Person of Interest will be back with episode 13 of this season entitled ‘M.I.A’ on Tuesday February 3rd. Reese and Root are set to continue their hunt for Shaw, but things may not be all as they seem. Meanwhile, we have all the latest on the February 10th installment ‘Guilty’, as The Machine sends Howard on his toughest mission yet.

So for all you need to know, head on inside…

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The Blacklist spoilers: Go behind the scenes of ‘Luther Braxton’ & the cast talk what’s next!

The Blacklist - Season 2

Fans of NBC’s The Blacklist have had to wait a little longer than most for their favorite show to return – with the series due back this Sunday after what seems like a never ending hiatus.

However, we’ll be treat to two episodes airing within just a few days of each other. As the show kicks off again after the Superbowl on Sunday with the first of a two parter, before moving to its new time slot of Thursdays which will see the conclusion of the Luther Braxton story.

Now, The Blacklist YouTube channel have released a video with new clips from the episodes and also interviews with the cast themselves – who talk all things from the two part episode to moving to Thursday nights on NBC!

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Agents of SHIELD spoilers: The Inhumans & Clark Gregg talks Skye being ‘like a daughter’ to Coulson

agents of shield

Sadly, there’s no Agents of SHIELD heading to our screens until March time but there’s plenty of spoilers emerging about what we can expect upon the show’s return.

Viewers will have seen in the mid-season finale that Skye ‘transformed’ which will see her become an Inhuman and from a comic book standing, this is seriously exciting. However, after Tripp’s death coupled with her transformation, it’s all change in the currently thin on the ground SHIELD team.

Ahead of the show’s return, Clark Gregg spoke to Zap2it, on how the director’s relationship with Skye may change.

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Jennifer Aniston loves The Bachelor! SPOILERS

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston – she’s just like us.

The A-List actress revealed a pretty surprising fact to Access Hollywood over the weekend, and it included her love of all things Bachelor nation.

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The Bachelor Recap! Wedding gowns, skinny-dipping and virgin confessions!


Another week, another dramatic episode of ‘The Bachelor.’

This week’s episode kicked off with just 15 ladies left in the running, which means it’s time that all the girls can take part in a group date with Chris Soules.

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How To Get Away With Murder spoilers: Connor/Oliver’s relationship & will we see more Bonnie and Asher?

how to get away with murder 4

Rejoice! As there’s just two days to wait until Shonda Rhimes’ addictive drama How To Get Away With Murder is back on our screens. The mid-season finale was a dramatic one, as we discovered just how Sam Keating met his grizzly demise that night but the big twist was that Annalise Keating seemed to know just what happened.

When the show picks up again, it won’t be long after Sam’s murder with Annalise’s husband classed as missing. The Keating 5 must keep their cool upon being questioned by police. However, these latest round of spoilers are about the relationships in the show, who’s together and who’s not?

Head on inside to find out…

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Arrow spoilers: Sin’s return, Thea and Roy’s relationship & Laurel’s journey


Following on from the mid-season premiere of Arrow, there’s certainly a lot of the story left to tell as the season progresses. Viewers discovered that Maseo/Tatsu were responsible for saving Oliver’s life, while Laurel suited up for the first time as Black Canary and the rest of Team Arrow tried to carry on without their leader.

One big question we’ve had though since Sara died was where the heck is Sin? The teen was extremely close to Sara and we discovered via the flashbacks she kept a promise to her dying father to watch out for her, but since her death she’s not been seen at all.

Until now….

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Castle spoilers: MASSIVE NEWS! Who are Castle and Beckett INTERROGATING?

castle 714

We’re already preparing ourselves for the big February two parter heading our way from Castle, as it was previously confirmed that both Jerry Tyson aka 3XK and his ‘disciple’ Kelly Nieman would be returning. Of course, the writers have yet to delve into this storyline again in season 7.

However, what we were NOT expecting were these major spoilery promotional pictures that show Castle and Beckett interrogating the main man himself! What’s going on? HOW DID HE SURVIVE?

Head on inside for ALL we know so far!

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Glee Spoilers: Lea Michele’s BFF Jonathan Groff returning as Jesse St James!?


Jonathan Groff is dropping some serious hints about the possible return of his ‘Glee’ character Jesse St James.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, the actor, who’s fresh from his role voicing Kristoff in Disney’s mage-hit ‘Frozen,’ is revealing that it may not be all over for Rachel’s (Lea Michele) former love just yet.

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AMC share another trailer for ‘Better Call Saul’ ahead of premiere next month

Saul Goodman, the dodgy attorney from 'Breaking Bad' has his own spin-off

Saul Goodman, the dodgy attorney from ‘Breaking Bad’ has his own spin-off

‘Better Call Saul’, the ‘Breaking Bad’ spin-off is arriving in just next month and we really can’t wait to see it, especially after being such big fans of the latter.

The show is set to begin airing on AMC on the 8th of February in the US whereas in the UK Netflix will air the 13-episode season exclusively next month but what can we expect?

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Zachary Quinto talks Heroes Reborn return…but there’s a problem!

zachary quinto

Are you a fan of actor Zachary Quinto and of the show ‘Heroes’? Were you hoping to see the two reunited at some point in the near future?

Unfortunately, it’s been revealed this week that’s not going to happen, as Zachary explained in a new interview during the annual Sundance Film Festival.

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Hawaii Five-0 5×15 spoilers: A journalist turns up dead as Barkhad Abdi guest stars! Yes!

barkhad abdi

We told you previously, all about the seriously exciting news that Barkhad Abdi, who won a BAFTA for his role in Captain Phillips would be guest starring in Hawaii Five-0 and the synopsis of his episode has now been released!

Now, we know already he will play a Congolese warlord, who was assumed dead but the team figure out he’s anything but when a case catches their attention. Now, we know just a little more on how all this will come about.

So head on inside for all you need to know!

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Vampire Diaries spoilers: Is Caroline about to reach breaking point?


In this season of The Vampire Diaries, we will say goodbye to baby Gilbert as he heads off for pastures new, as producer Julie Plec confirmed previously. It’s been an emotional time for Jeremy over the last season or so, heightened by Bonnie’s current predicament as she finds herself stuck in Mystic Falls 1994.

However, more information has been released on the February 12th installment of the show entitled ‘Stay’ and there’s drama for pretty much everyone in the town but things are about to get seriously emotional for Caroline!

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The Flash 1×13 spoilers: Ronnie attacks a physicist & the team track him down!


It’s safe to say The Flash writers have been having a lot of fun teasing Ronnie Raymond’s Firestorm so far this season. However, we were promised more of Caitlin Snow’s fiance in the second half of the season and judging by this latest synopsis for the February 10th installment, they weren’t bluffing!

Viewers of the hit series so far have seen that Ronnie is a meta-human, calling himself Firestorm and Caitlin has been trying to find out more about what happened to him. In the mid-season premiere, Barry figured out that Firestorm was actually an acronym for a project. However, the team will come back into contact with Ronnie once again and it’s looking like in a way that’s Caitlin’s worst nightmare…

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Arrow 3×13 spoilers: Tensions mount in the lair & Laurel is in danger!


The mid season premiere of Arrow took us all by surprise, as we discovered the fate of Oliver Queen and just who saved him following on from his battle with Ra’s al Ghul. In Oliver’s absence though, new heroes have emerged as Laurel suited up as Black Canary for the first time and Ray continued his work on the A.T.O.M suit – despite major protests to stop from Felicity.

However, new spoilers have emerged from the 13th episode of this season entitled ‘Canaries’ and we’ll warn you now, there’s some BIG news….

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