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Glee ‘The Back-Up Plan’ SPOILERS: Here’s everything you need to know! Rachel takes a tumble & Shirley MacLaine’s in town

Glee: The Back-up Plan

After last night’s success of opening night, is Rachel Berry set to take a tumble on next week’s episode?

On ‘The Back-Up Plan’, Rachel gets herself a talent agent, but it doesn’t look like everything is going to end well… And, the amazing, and brilliant, and utterly amazing (okay, we said that already) Shirley MacLaine is set to star on the episode! Head on inside to find out everything we know about next week’s episode.
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Glee ‘Opening Night’ RECAP: Rachel gets over her stage fright, Sue falls in love & Will’s a daddy!

Glee: Opening Night - Rachel Berry

Glee continued last night, and although we were slightly worried about how the episode could have taken a turn for the worst, we were quite surprised, and it was a pretty good episode of Glee.

Rachel had a bit of stage fright, but decided to get over it in the end, Sue fell in love, Santana is back, and Will had some pretty big news to share…
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Orange is the New Black: Laura Prepon rubbishes rumours she’s being pressured into quitting drama!

Orange is the New Black

PHEW! Laura Prepon has confirmed that she hasn’t been forced to leave Orange is the New Black due to her character’s sexuality!

Prepon of course plays Piper’s love interest Alex Vause on the hit Netflix series, but it has been rumoured that she was being pressured into leaving due to her scientology background. But, it’s all a load of B.S!
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True Blood, Boardwalk Empire & more HUGE HBO shows coming to Amazon Prime but no Game of Thrones! WHAT!

Breaker of Chains

Amazon and HBO had some massive news to announce today, which will see some of HBO’s best shows available on Amazon’s streaming service.

The two companies have struck a huge deal which will see hit shows such as The Sopranos, True Blood, The Newsroom and Boardwalk Empire available on Amazon Prime. But, Game of Thrones has been missed off the list…
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When’s True Blood season 7 premiere? Fox UK confirm final season date

True Blood

True Blood is coming to it’s end people and we now know when the seventh and final season will premiere for fans in the UK.

Fox UK has confirmed that it will air the first episode of the seventh run on on Monday July 7th at 9pm, just weeks behind the US premiere in June.

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When does Orphan Black season 2 start on BBC Three? We know!

Orphan Black: Sarah

BBC Three have confirmed the UK premiere for the second series of clone drama Orphan Black.

The new run of the hit show launched in the US earlier this week but UK fans will have to wait a little longer as the second season won’t kick off here until Wednesday April 30th at 10pm.

The first series of Orphan Black centred around wayward young mother Sarah, whose life changed when a woman (Beth Childs), who looked exactly like her, jumped in front of a train to her death in the opening instalment.

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Sky Living set Hannibal season 2 premiere – BBC Three In The Flesh date

in the flesh

BBC Three have set a premiere date for the launch of their zombie drama series, In The Flesh.

The show will return for it’s second season on Sunday 4th May, at 10pm, so set those recorders and DVRs.

The show was a hit for the channel when it launched last year. It was set soon after the ‘rising’, the phrase used for the zombie apocalypse and centred around re-animated teenager Kieren Walker, who struggled to be accepted back into village life after he came ‘back to life.’

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NBC premiere trailer for pirate show ‘Crossbones’ with John Malkovich


NBC have premiered a promo video for their brand new pirate drama ‘Crossbones’.

The brand new series is due to air on Friday May 30th at 10/9c and in the video below you can get a sneak peek at all the swashbuckling action.

John Malkovich stars as Edward “Blackbeard” Teach in the drama and his opening line in the trailer goes:

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Game Of Thrones: Lily Allen can’t think about Theon Greyjoy’s penis!

Lily Allen 3

Lily Allen has admitted that she loves watching her brother star on HBO’s Game Of Thrones but one storyline has made it very difficult for her to tune into the show.

The It’s Not Fair singer was elated when younger brother Alfie got signed for the role of Theon Greyjoy and she’s tuned in to watch him star in every series so far.

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Game of Thrones: George R.R Martin defends controversial rape scene: ‘It was always intended to be disturbing’


It seems Sunday evening’s controversial sex scene on Game of Thrones has had to be defended quite a bit.

Yesterday, director of Game of Thrones Alex Graves defended the episode by saying that he didn’t look forward to directing the episode, and today, writer of the novels George R.R. Martin has said that the scene was always going to be disturbing.

Please note: This article does contain mild spoilers from last Sunday’s episode of Game of Thrones.
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TV Spoilers roundup: Pretty Little Liars movie, New The Originals character & 2 Broke Girls Finale


It’s actually a very busy time in spoiler land at the minute, especially with finale season well and firmly upon us. Some of our favourite TV shows will be coming to an end very soon for another season, but that doesn’t mean there’s any less juicy goss to go around.

The Originals has a new character coming to the show, Max may be more educated than you think on 2 Broke Girls, and finally, is there a Pretty Little Liars movie in the pipeline? Please say it is so…
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Glee ‘Old Dog, New Tricks’ spoilers: Rachel’s reputation is on the line & Kurt nabs a leading role

Glee 'Old Dogs, New Tricks' - Kurt in Peter Pan

It was announced a while back that Chris Colfer would be penning his own episode of Glee this season, and we finally have some deets on the episode.

We know that the episode is titled ‘Old Dogs, New Tricks’, and Colfer recently admitted that he wanted to focus  on old people or animals. It looks like he’s incorporated both!
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Glee ‘Opening Night’ SPOILERS & Song List: Here’s FIVE things you need to know about tonight’s episode

Glee: Opening Night - Rachel Berry

This evening’s episode of Glee sees the opening night of Funny Girl, and Rachel is suffering from stage fright.

Rachel is of course poised to play the lead role of Fanny Brice, but after auditions, rehearsals and months of preparation, it all seems to be getting a little too much for her. Will she make it on stage? Head on inside for EVERYTHING you need to know about tonight’s episode, along with the all important song list.
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The Newsroom: Aaron Sorkin admits “we got off on the wrong foot” & apologises for confusion

The Newsroom Logo

Aaron Sorkin has been at the forefront of quite a bit of controvery when it comes to his HBO drama, The Newsroom, but he’s since apologized for the confusion.

Speaking at the Tribeca Film Festival yesterday, Sorkin said that working on The Newsroom has been a massive learning curve for him, and he never intended to teach “a professional journalist a lesson”.
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Netflix increasing subscription prices by a few dollars for new subscribers?


Popular video-streaming service Netflix have announced plans to increase the subscription prices for any new subscribers.

At present the streaming service which only came to the UK in the past few years currently charges its US customers $7.99 but this could be set to rise.

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