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Hawaii Five-0 Season 5 spoilers: Kono centric episode coming up & Greg Ellis joins

hawaii five 0 5

Fans of team member Kono, it’s time to get excited as viewers can expect to enjoy a Kono-centric episode in season five! Grace Park was only in a few scenes for half of season four, as the actress took some time off to have her baby and we sure did miss her. While Adam is set to return so there’s going to be more of their adorable dynamic. Meanwhile, find out all about Greg Ellis new character and his multiple episode arc for the upcoming season.

Head on inside for ALL the details!

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Happy birthday Ian Harding! Why we love the Pretty Little Liars star!

ian harding

Happy birthday to Pretty Little Liars’ star Ian Harding as he celebrates his 28th birthday today!

It’s unbelievable to think that it’s been five years since Ian first appeared on our screens in the role of ‘Ezra Fitz’ which of course he is so well known for, alongside his amazing chemistry with his co-star and often on screen girlfriend Lucy Hale.

Head on inside to find out why we love the star so much…

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Ugly Betty returning? Salma Hayek spills!


Could there be an ‘Ugly Betty’ reunion in the works?

If Salma Hayek had her way, we could be seeing the fashion based comedy returning to our screens!

In a brand new interview with E! Online, Salma, who both starred in and executive produced the hit ABC show, admitted that she “would love” for the show to come back to the small screen in the future, telling the site that the show has “such a special place in [her] heart.”

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The Newsroom: The Final Episodes: New teaser trailer release named ‘Stolen Moments’

Will The Newsrom

HBO’s hit show ‘The Newsroom‘ is set to make its return on Sunday the 9th of November in the US with the UK soon to follow for its final season.

We here at Unreality TV still can’t get over that this season will be the last time we’ll see Will McAvoy (Jeff Daniels) & co simply do the news…

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Ray Donovan 2×10 recap: Kate & Cochran are back in town while Mickey plans a heist


In this weeks installment of Ray Donovan, Tommy Volcheck returned, as did Cochran while Kate had a much more heavy involvement in the episode after just a brief appearance last week. Episode ten saw Cochran edging ever closer to his ultimate dream of becoming FBI director, Kate returns to LA determined to bring down everyone who lied to her about the real truth behind the Sully shooting and Abby has struggled with her worrying about Bridget, following on from last weeks ordeal.

So head on inside as we recap the big talking points…

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Sleepy Hollow Season 2: We preview the upcoming season of the supernatural drama PICS


Sleepy Hollow became one of our serious TV addictions during its first season. The supernatural drama follows Ichabod Crane as he found himself in modern day America, and further focused on his budding partnership with local officer, Abbie Mills.

For the first season of the show, we were entertained by their fight against the headless horseman and other generally creepy characters, and there were many plot twists along the way as we were introduced to Ichabod and his wife Katrina’s son, who just so happened to be Henry Parrish, aka The Sin Eater, aka Jeremy Crane… Read more & comment »

NCIS 12×06 title revealed, ALL the latest pics from NCIS: New Orleans premiere & MORE


Ahead of the 12th season of NCIS, the title of the sixth episode has been revealed via TJ Stein and “Parental Guidance Suggested” alongside the child actor in the above photo with Pauley Perrette, has us very curious!

Of course, in previous episodes of NCIS, the show has really given child actors a chance to shine, and added to the fact Gibbs himself is adorable with kids, we imagine this episode will be a good one… Read more & comment »

Ben McKenzie suffers head injury filming ‘Gotham’ OUCH!


Fighting crime on the mean streets of Gotham is no easy feat for Ben McKenzie’s character Detective James Gordon, and over the weekend, the actor found that real life can often imitate art as he sustained painful injuries on the set of the show.

The star posted images to Instagram showing that he had been in the wars on-set, but head on inside for more details!

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The Leftovers S01E01 Preview: ‘Pilot’ is the first episode from this new Sky Atlantic drama

'The Leftovers' airs this Tuesday at 9pm on Sky Atlantic

‘The Leftovers’ airs this Tuesday at 9pm on Sky Atlantic

‘The Leftovers’ has already aired its first season on HBO in America, and with a second season ordered, it’s time for us here in the UK to see the show on Sky Atlantic.

Beginning this Tuesday (16th of September) ‘The Leftovers’ will air from 9pm until 10:35pm, right before the next episode of ‘Ray Donovan’.

The story begins as we learn that over 2% of the world’s population have mysteriously disappeared in what appears to be some kind of a rapture. The show follows a small community in Mapleton as they deal with rebuilding their lives with 100 people missing.

Be warned, spoilers are ahead.

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Modern Family season 6 spoilers! Will Cam and Mitch’s Honeymoon Period come crashing down?



The new season of the ABC hit will kick off later this month with the episode, ‘The Long Honeymoon’. According to Yahoo!, the episode will centre around Mitch (Jesse Tyler Ferguson) and Cam (Eric Stonestreet) after they finally tied the knot in the season five finale.

The first episode back will document how the newlywed’s adjust from their honeymoon bliss to returning home to life in California. According to early spoilers, Cam is pretty reluctant to give up the honeymoon stage romance with his new husband.
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Glee spoilers! Lea Michele confirms she will perform ‘Let It Go’, and is the show heading back to the 80’s?

Who’s ready to step back in time with ‘Glee’?

As we already told you, when season six kicks off on FOX next year, we’ll have jumped ahead six months from where season 5 left off. However, if one of Lea Michele’s most recent snaps from the set is anything to go by, we could also be taking a jump BACK in time.
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Game of Thrones: Do you have a 26 inch waist? You could be in the show if you do…


If you happen to have a waist which is 26 inches or less, not only do we envy you, but now you have the chance to star in Game of Thrones too!

ProjectCasting,com, the agents responsible for the majority of the UK extras cast in the hit HBO fantasy series, have put out a very unusual casting call for the new series, requesting people with those credentials who are over the age of 18 only.
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Arrow Season 3 spoilers: All the latest on Ray Palmer & meet Diggle’s baby girl! AW!

arrow season 3 episode 1

Fans of Arrow know already that Ray Palmer will be heading to Starling City in the upcoming season of the superhero drama. We’ve seen little snippets of him already in the new trailer and supposedly he catches the eye of Felicity Smoak, while also being involved heavily at Oliver’s company Queen Consolidated.

Head on inside for all the latest on his character and season three pictures!

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Game of Thrones Series 5 Spoilers: Details of filming in new Croatian location revealed….


As we have previously reported, there has been an extra filming location in Croatia added to the fifth series of Game of Thrones, and now we might have just figured out why!

With the only new city being added to series 5 being Dorne, which has already been confirmed as being filmed in Spain, we had already assumed that, as the rest of Mereen is filmed in Croatia, this new location would see the city coverage being extended.
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Supernatural Season 10 Spoilers: New trailer released & it’s the rise of the ‘Deanmon’ Ru-oh Sam…


Throughout the ten seasons of Supernatural, when one of the Winchesters are in trouble, it always seems to focus on Sam; whether that’s drinking demon’s blood or dying or any one of dozens more plot twists, he’s usually front and centre…

However, this season it seems Sam will need help again, though not for himself this time but for his now demon brother. Of course, in the season nine finale, Dean turned into a demon after the Mark of Cain storyline, and seeing a Winchester with those black eyes really did make us gasp. Read more & comment »