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Game Of Thrones season 4: Joffrey Baratheon’s BEST but awful moments SPOILERS

Game of Thrones - King Joffrey

The King is dead! Born of incest, boy king Joffrey Baratheon quickly established himself as a character many Game of Thrones fans loved to hate. Indeed, portrayed spectacularly by Jack Gleeson, Joffrey possessed such malevolence, such malice and natural desire for needless cruelty that viewers would practically tense up every time he appeared on screen, that wicked sneer in tow.

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FX hands ‘The Americans’ 13-episode third season

The Walk-In

FX has had quite a bit of success this week, especially with the launch of brand new drama, Fargo.

However, more good news came last night, in which the network announced that The Americans has been renewed for a third season.
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Lindsay Lohan docu-series NOT cancelled by OWN

Lindsay Lohan Oprah Winfrey

Despite all the recent reports, Oprah Winfrey’s Network has confirmed that Linday Lohan’s reality TV series has NOT been cancelled.

The rumours first came about a couple of days back, in which it was reported that the Linday Lohan show on OWN has been cancelled due to lackluster ratings. Turns out that isn’t the case at all.
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Porn stars Jessica Jenson & Samantha Bentley cast in Game Of Thrones! Spoilers

Jessica Jenson & Samantha Bentley

Two porn stars are believed to have landed themselves a role in hit HBO fantasy drama Game Of Thrones.

The show is famed for it’s nudity and naughty content and things look set to get even more steamy in the new series, as it’s reported that Jessica Jenson, 23, and Samantha Bentley, 26, have been cast, unsurprisingly, as prostitutes.

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The Americans New Car recap: 5 things we learned… Oleg, Anton, Martha SPOILERS

Arpanet The Americans 1

5 things we learned from tonight’s episode of The Americans:

The loss of hundreds of Russian navy

Philip goes to meet with handler Kate who is looking visibly upset. She tells him that plans that they had stolen were faked and a submarine went down causing the loss of hundreds of Russians. Philip had picked up one of these faked plans and looked shocked at what had happened.

Later, Oleg and Arkady discuss the KGB’s sloppiness on how they didn’t pick up on the fake plans. Oleg is keen to focus on the stealth plans but Arkady, despondent after the loss of his men says “how do we know they won’t fall out of the sky?” but Oleg reassures him that they have the Arpanet and the scientist. Are things starting to pick up for the Russians despite the set back?

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TV Spoiler fix! Arrow season 3 to have a different feel, Orange is the new Black relationship & Scandal’s ‘insane’ season finale!

arrow deathstroke

Earlier this year, The CW announced that it had renewed ‘Arrow’ for a third run, and the show’s executive producer Andrew Kreisberg has teased that the third season will have a different feel to it.

Catherine Cleary Wolters has also cleared up two misconceptions on the fictionalized version of The Orange is the new Black. Not only that, it has been teased that the forthcoming season finale of ‘Scandal’ is going to be explosive.
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Game of Thrones’ Purple Wedding shocker becomes most pirated episode

Jack Gleeson

Sunday evening’e episode of Game of Thrones was that epic it has become the show’s most pirated episode in the history of the drama. Oh dear.

The episode didn’t just see the Purple Wedding between King Joffrey and Margaery, but it also had a MAJOR twist which shocked a lot of viewers, and it has ultimately lead to a spike in illegal downloads.
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FX drama ‘Fargo’ premieres with over 4 million viewers, CEO hails it as ‘one of the best shows’ on the network

FARGO - Pictured: Behind the scenes. CR: Chris Large/FX

Last night, FX’s highly anticipated new drama ‘Fargo’ premiered with very strong ratings for the network.

In an overnight ratings release earlier today, it was revealed that MORE than 4 million viewers tuned in to see the premiere episode last night. FX CEO John Landgraf has even hailed the drama as one of the best the network has ever had. Too soon?
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WGN America releases chilling ‘Salem’ trailer

WGN America - Salem

This Sunday, cable network WGN America is set to premiere its brand new chilling drama, ‘Salem’.

Salem is set in the 17th century, and brings what is classed as ‘the real story’ behind the infamous witch trials.
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Glee ‘Opening Night’ spoilers: Will Rachel pull through stage fright? Here’s everything you need to know!

Glee: Opening Night - Rachel Berry

After weeks and weeks of preparation, next week’s episode sees the opening night of Funny Girl, in which Rachel Berry (Lea Michele) plays the main role of Fanny Brice.

However, Rachel suffers from a bit of stage fright and isn’t up for going on stage. Not only that Sue and Will are back! But, they’re not in New York City for the same reasons… Head on inside for everything we know.
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Breaking Bad meets Disney’s Frozen – Do you Want to Build a Snowman?

Frozen vs Breaking Bad

We’re never sure quite who comes up with these crazy, funny mash-up videos but we aren’t going to complain about the newest one that popped up on our screen today.

Breaking Bad meets Frozen is definitely something we never thought we’d see but here it is, in an extremely short but amusing YouTube clip.

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Hannibal season 2 returning to Sky Living when? We know!


Here in the UK we’ve been watching and waiting and trying to avoid spoilers from across the pond, as we away the premiere of Hannibal season two. Thankfully the wait is almost over.

Sky Living have confirmed today that they’ll be bringing the newest episodes of the hit US psychological crime drama to our screens on 6th May 2014, at 10pm. So set those set top boxes now!

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US TV Schedule – April 2014 – Game of Thrones, The Following and more!


If you didn’t already know then we here at Unreality TV are mad about TV. Not just shows from the UK you understand. We’re also pretty dedicated to series’ across the pond in the US. Afterall it’s no secret that you Americans make some of the greatest TV shows in the world.

Sometimes though, it’s easy to forget when your favourite show is airing, we realise that many TV shows can take a sudden break for their mid-season hiatus, which can be confusing and if you’re like us, rather traumatic if it’s a must see TV event.

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UKTV UK sets date for Almost Human – BBC confirms Happy Valley premiere


A little bit of TV news for you this morning Unreality TV readers!

UKTV have revealed that they will be airing the new US series Almost Human on Tuesday May 6th at 9pm, so all you sci-fi fans should set your Sky+, set top box or TiVo to record now.

The series originally aired in America on Fox and the pilot launched stateside in November 2013.

The show centres around the LAPD in the future and the premise is that in 2048, after crime spiralled by over 400%, each human police officer is paired with a lifelike combat-model android.

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Glee Spoilers: Ryan Murphy reveals ‘Season 6 is not New York centric but will tie up loose ends’

Glee: Blaime & Kurt

Oh dear! Just when we thought we were getting somewhere with Glee, there’s always someone to turn it on its head.

Creator of the show, Ryan Murphy has revealed that the sixth and final season of the show will have its own story, and it’s own location. Unfrotunately, season 6 will not be “New York-centric”.
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