Amy Winehouse’s dad Mitch ‘desperate’ to find cause of death

Amy Winehouse’s father is said to be ‘desperate’ to find out what killed his daughter and has reportedly declared that he “won’t rest” until he finds out what the cause of her death was.

Mitch Winehouse was flying to America when Amy’s body was found in her North London home and had to take the first plane back to London, when he was informed of the tragedy in new York.

Insiders say the performer is ‘in pieces’ and he reportedly asked a friend:

“How did my little girl die? I won’t rest until I find out.”

A source told the Daily Mirror newspaper: “Mitch is in pieces and is desperate to find out what happened in those last few hours. He just doesn’t know what to believe. He went straight to his ex-wife Janis’ home.

“He is acutely aware that it could be drugs that killed Amy, or that they may have triggered a pre-existing condition.

“At the moment, he is without a clue. It’s all speculation. The lack of answers makes it even harder to come to terms with.”

Strangely, when the police attended the scene of Amy’s death, no drugs were found in her Camden home.

According to Jewish tradition, Amy’s funeral should have been held yesterday or today, however first an autopsy needs to be carried out. This is believed to be scheduled for this afternoon and it is claimed that after that, Mitch is planning bury Amy as soon as possible.

Members of her family and close friends have already begun the first official phase of mourning – the ‘sitting shiva’ – for her.

It has been reported that Amy visited her doctor on Friday, just 24 hours before her body was found and was given the all clear by the medic, who was ‘happy’ with her condition.