Andrew Lloyd, Tim Minchin & Mel C bring Jesus Christ Superstar and Kayvan Novak chats on tonight’s Jonathan Ross Show

by Lisa McGarry

Andrew Lloyd Webber joins Jonathan Ross on the sofa this week to promote his new rock arena tour of Jesus Christ Superstar.

The musician and composer admits that he doesn’t like being called ‘Lord’ and tells JR:

“Lord Lloyd Webber is extremely difficult to say. I prefer to be called Andrew. The Lord bit is just a waste of time,” explains Andrew when asked why he doesn’t use ‘Lord’ in his title. “Well, the thing is, I like going to House of Lords and doing the occasional thing there about the arts but it’s such a pain to say Lord Lloyd Webber,” he continues.

Jonathan also asks Andrew whether it’s true that the Queen recently visited his home.

“We played her the song that I wrote for the jubilee, with Gary Barlow, and she was staying with some friends down the road, and they came over,” explains Andrew. “We had a very funny evening and I did a few songs for her, which I knew she liked. It was very informal,” he says. But did she bring the Corgis? “There was not a Corgi in sight. I’m a cat man,” laughs Andrew.

Mel C also joins the Lord in the studio and chats to Jonathan about playing Mary Magdalene in Loyd Webber’s show, before performing ‘Everything’s Alright’ from Jesus Christ Superstar, alongside her co-stars Tim Minchin and Ben Forster.

She talks about performing at the Olympics closing ceremony with the Spice Girls…

“It was amazing. I think it was the best thing we ever did in the whole of our careers as the Spice Girls,” says Mel C when talking about the Olympics. “Whenever I see a black cab now I’m really tempted to get on top of it,” she laughs.

Comedian and Fonejacker star Kayvan Novak also joins Jonathan on the sofa this week, and Kayvan gives Jonathan a lesson in impersonations.