Andrew Mitchell

Channel 4 investigates Pleb Gate tonight, as part of the most recent episode of investigative documentary Dispatches.

In December 2012 the team behind the show revealed the CCTV footage of the ‘plebgate’ incident, in which police officers claimed MP Andrew Mitchell branded one of their colleagues a ‘pleb’ following a row over his bicycle. Howeverm subsequent video footage cast serious doubt on the police’s version of events.

The TV show proved that an email which was supposedly written by a member of the public who claimed to have witnessed the incident first hand was a fake. In fact, the message had been penned by a member of the police team, who served in the Diplomatic Protection Group. He wasn’t even in Downing Street at the time the altercation supposedly occurred.


Since the scandal broke, parliament and the Prime Minister have asked that the highest ranking police officer and the most powerful civil servant in the country account for what actually happened that day and who was involved in the falsification.

Tonight, Dispatches will tell the full story of plebgate and air the first interview with Andrew Mitchell since the scandal broke. They will also reveal fresh evidence of information known by key individuals at the time.

Tonight, 8PM, Channel 4

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