New Channel 4 sketch show, Anna & Katy, to premier Wednesday night (EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW)

Wednesday night sees the start of a new Channel 4 sketch show, Anna & Katy, and Unreality TV were lucky enough to catch up with Anna Crilly and Katy Wix, the writers and main stars of the comedy, to find out what we can expect!

In the new series, the ladies take on various comical characters, featuring celebrity cameos and TV parodies. Stand-up Lee Mack appears in the first edition as the co-host of the German equivalent of Countdown, and the duo present a Great British Bake Off-style cookery programme, as well as a daytime slot inviting the public to write in and be congratulated for completing minor tasks.

The first episode will have you laughing off your seats, and we wanted to hear from the two comic geniuses what they saw as the inspiration behind the show.

Anna:  “We didn’t set out just to do a show that makes fun of other TV shows, but it turns out that seems to be our sort of sense of humour.  Generally it was just meant to be a comedy sketch show, but people have really kind of latched on to the parodies, and I suppose really it was just going with what made us laugh.  That was our only inspiration, what guided us through it all.”

Katy:  “We have always loved doing characters, and character comedy so we just started out with these character and it just sort of evolved into this show about telly really.  But it was always the characters that made us laugh really.”

Anna & Katy hosts a huge selection of characters, from eccentric German quiz-show contestants to cooking show presenters, so choosing a favourite that they created and portrayed was bound to be hard:

Anna: “Well, there are so many.”

Katie: “We had a montage of pictures at the end of the series showing all the characters that we had played.  As for my favourite, I would have to say that I liked some of the game show contestants.  They are all really short-lived but they are also the exact sort of bizarre people you see taking part in these shows, so they were really fun because they were one offs and gave us the chance to do something really stupid for those few minutes – I really enjoyed those! “

With many of the sketches on Anna & Katy mimicking current TV shows, location and attention to detail was paramount:

Anna: “Our director really prides himself on copying other people’s style accurately so he plans it all very carefully.  We had a marquee set up in the studio; the rest of the external stuff was filmed in a park up the road.”

Katy:  “Funny enough we filmed a lot of the stuff where the Bill used to be filmed, that’s used for a lot of things you see on TV today since the show was cancelled.”

After watching the first episode of Anna & Katy, it is plain to see that these women are extremely funny, so we wanted to know who their comic inspirations were:

Anna:  “Kenny Everett”

Katy:  “Alan Partridge and things like Monty Python have always been favourites of mine when I was very young as well as Vic and Bob and people like Julie Walters and Alison Steadman, comic performers – those are a few of my heroes.”

With the first series sure to be a huge success, we wanted to know what the future holds for the pair, and if a second series features in their plans?

Katy:  “I think we would definitely like to do more of a narrative, sitcom type project.  But we would also really love to do another series of this because we thoroughly enjoyed it – it has been a dream so we would absolutely love to do another series of it.”

Anna:  “We would really love to do it again.”

Finally we asked the pair to sum up the series for our readers:

Katy: “Hopefully people will find it funny, I hope that people are entertained and find it warm.  It has kind of a distinctive feel about it – it’s quite fresh and has quite an original feel about it, which is what we wanted.”

Anna & Katy can be seen Wednesday night (06/03/13) at 10.35pm on Channel 4/ Channel 4 HD.

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