Anne Robinson ‘I’ll miss The Weakest Link’

Anne Robinson has admitted that she will miss working on ‘The Weakest Link’.

The 66-year-old presenter recently that the current series of the quiz show will be her last, after fronting it for 12 years. This week she has conceded that while she thinks the time is right to leave, it won’t find it easy to walk away from the programme.

She said: “I’ll miss it. It’s been superb. So it is a hard decision. I’ve always tried to leave before you think you’re going to be tired of doing something.

“I’ve always been good at change. I mean my life has always been about change, up and down. I did 11 years as a columnist at the Mirror. I did 11 years of ‘Points Of View’. I am not saying it will be easy, but easier than it might be for a lot of people.”

Anne’s harsh put-downs on the show have earned her the nickname ‘Queen of Mean’ and she thinks her remarks have got more “daring” as the programme has progressed, though she is careful not to go too far.

She explained in an interview with the Daily Mail newspaper: “I think we’ve got much more daring. When you look at the very early shows it’s incredibly tame. I mean, I never said things like, ‘Why are you so fat?’

‘You mustn’t think twice. I wouldn’t have a job if I thought twice. Woody Allen always says that if it’s real wit, you hear it at the same time as you say it.’

“I occasionally come off and say, ‘Cut that out’ – not often, but I did it the other week, actually. I said to a student, ‘That dress must have looked nice when it fitted you’ and afterwards I said, ‘Don’t put that in, that hurt her.’ So I hope we have a bit of judgment about it.”