Ant & Dec’s Push The Button

by Lisa McGarry

Award winning presenters Ant & Dec are back with a brand new series which challenges families to win a big cash prize when they Push The Button.

Each week, in a series of hilarious and madcap games, two families go head to head in a race against the clock and each other as they try to hold onto their cash. Both families start with £100,000, but with each game designed to reduce their total winnings, the only way to stop the money slipping away is to Push The Button.

And Ant & Dec have some surprises up their sleeves, as each game will be uniquely different and designed to test the families’ skills, nerve, judgement and general knowledge.

But what will be in store for the families when they face games that include, Get it Sorted, It’ll End In Tiers, Ant and Dec’s Bath Night, Back Me Up?

The game begins at the start of the week when hosts Ant & Dec surprise each of the families and personally invite them to take on the challenge. And for one member of the each family, the games really do commence – as they will be given their task and have to prepare all week ready to perform in the studio.

The family who have banked the most cash will go through to the final – but to take home their winnings they must work together and push the correct buttons.

Ant & Dec said: “We are so excited about Push The Button, it’s a traditional British family gameshow like the ones we used to watch as kids but with a modern, contemporary twist. We can’t wait to dress up, have fun and act daft with the families and the audience”

John Kaye Cooper, Controller of Entertainment said: “We are thrilled to be bringing this exciting new game show to our viewers and with Ant & Dec at the helm, its guaranteed to be hugely entertaining and fun for all the family. “

Saturday, 27 February 2010, 7:45PM – 8:45PM