The Apprentice results: Ella-Jade Bitton, Steven Ugoalah, Pamela Uddin in bother!

by Matt D
Nick Karren Lord Sugar

Nick Karren Lord Sugar

The way teams win a task on The Apprentice is often pretty straightforward as it usually comes to down to how much money they have made or how many orders they’ve taken for a certain product. However, very occasionally, the method of winning is a lot vaguer and I found that to be the case in tonight’s task. The winners of the task in question, in which the teams had to create a YouTube channel and upload content to it, would be decided by how many views they’d amassed in forty-eight hours. However, I don’t particularly feel that success can be attributed by members of the general public watching a random video as they wile away their day and this meant that either team had just a much of a chance of winning regardless of what they produced.

Unlike other weeks in which the candidates piffle about arguing about their levels of experience, Lord Sugar got right down to business by selecting the team leaders. As her business idea was something to do with TV production, Ella-Jade was chosen as Tenacity’s project manager whilst self-styled tech guru Solomon was to head up Team Summit. One more change was made as Brummie Fembot Jemma was moved over to Tenacity in order to even up the teams just a little bit. I have to say I did feel sorry for Ella-Jade who was lumbered with some of the dodgier candidates including loudmouth Steven and ditzy Sarah. Even her more promising teammates were a bit off this week with Lauren forgetting to add a description to their YouTube channel and Pamela making faces any time Ella-Jade did anything wrong. Tenacity’s channel idea was based around the fact that Katie had uploaded several fitness videos in the past and that her experience could be positively utilised. Felipe embellished on this idea by suggesting that Katie could help him fight the flab and created the character ‘Fat Daddy’ for himself. At the time, only Lauren felt the name was at all offensive, but this changed as the day went on.

Felipe Katie

On the other side of the fence, Solomon appeared a lot more focused than Ella-Jade and decided almost straight away that he wanted a light-hearted cookery channel fronted by James and Roisin. After being in the firing line last week, James appeared keen to listen to his project manager and basically acted the fool as he had various rubber props thrown at him. After four weeks, Jemma finally made a contribution; albeit a minimal one, when she came up with the channel’s name of Dare to Dine. Whilst all of Team Summit sat around laughing at James’ antics one person who didn’t giggle along was Nick Hewer and felt that Solomon’s humour only appealed to the odd nutcase. Although they weren’t massively funny, at least you could see where the laughs were coming from with James’s madcap humour which was more than can be said for the odd ‘Fat Daddy’ videos. The first two videos appeared to be incredibly middle of the road with Ella-Jade refusing to let Pamela voice any concerns. In fact, as Karren Brady brought up, poor old Felipe looked like was being bullied by Katie and the other fitness trainer who berated him as he attempted a number of exercises. Meanwhile, Daniel had cottoned on that the ‘Fat Daddy’ videos might be a little offensive several hours after they’d come up with the concept. However the sensible Lauren told him that they’d decided to go with it now and all they could do was put their best foot forward.

Two other elements of the task were set up on day two as both teams had to record one more video, this time collaborating with another YouTube star, as well as try and pitch their concept to Buzzfeed. Ella-Jade’s pitch was doomed to failure as Steven decided he wanted to lead it whilst Sarah was obsessed with being part of a question and answers segment. The result was almost catastrophic as Steven’s rambling manner and Sarah’s frankly bizarre comebacks to some of the team’s questions meant that Buzzfeed didn’t give ‘Fat Daddy’ any promotion. Failing for different reasons were Summit, whose sense of humour seemed to go over the heads of the Buzzfeed brigade. Indeed they eluded to the fact that only young children would find James’ antics at all funny and I would agree to an extent as I felt that Dare to Dine wouldn’t be out of place as a programme on CBeebies. Summit’s success appeared to come from the fact that Solomon felt it was a good idea to enlist 19 year old Olly White to be their collaborator in the final video. Olly’s flocks of female fans were a good enough reason for Solomon to choose him over the more suitable Barry Lewis and it appeared as if Olly sharing the video on social media did the trick.

Roisin James

In the boardroom it was revealed that there as just 218 views separating winners Summit from losers Tenacity most of which can be attributed to the fact that the video featuring Olly did a lot better than Tenacity’s collaboration with Lean Machine. One thing that was never brought up during the task was the other option available to Tenacity in terms of collaborators and if they had the option of teaming up with a YouTube star who had as many followers as Olly. Predictably Pamela turned on Ella-Jade saying that her leadership lacked any real vision and that she was clueless when it came to directing. Whilst Ella-Jade didn’t approach the task as well as she possibly could have done, I think I would struggle if I was forced to manage the likes of Sarah and Steven. In fact it was these two candidates, alongside Ella-Jade, who got to experience Apprentice history when they were all fired in one fell swoop. Whilst Steven and Sarah had been marked out as irritants from the very first episode, I felt Ella-Jade’s time had come to soon and felt the triple firing was simply a way of getting back to a manageable amount of candidates.

Although I’m glad Steven and Sarah have gone, I found this to be the weakest episode of The Apprentice series ten. Whilst I appreciate that the show wants to embrace the modern age, the fact that the result of the task hinged on YouTube views made this result a very flimsy one. The firing itself appeared to be a spring cleaning exercise for Lord Sugar who, after four weeks, seems to know who the serious contenders are. I wish I felt the same as, at the moment, no-one is really jumping out at me as the person who should win the series. Hopefully that will change next week as the teams organise a coach trip.

What did you think to this week’s triple firing? Do you have any favourites to win?

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