The Apprentice Returns for 2014: Ten Teasers for Series 10! Vulgar names & too many candidates!

by Matt D
The Apprentice 2014

The Apprentice 2014

This Tuesday, The Apprentice returns for its tenth series, as we witness a new bunch of candidates compete for the chance to have Lord Sugar invest in their business. As we’ve already been privy to a sneak-peak of the first episode here are ten things you need to know about The Apprentice Series 10.

Alan Nick and Karen

1) This year’s series sees the largest amount of candidates, with the opening episode having 20 contestants vying for the quarter of a million pounds investment in their business. According to Lord Sugar; the logistics of having 20 candidates proved to be fairly tricky and as a result there will be a lower number of hopefuls in the already-in-production eleventh series.

2) As this is the tenth series, the first task harked back to the show’s previous opening episodes. The teams are tasked with attempting to sell everything that has been handed to contestants over the years; from coffee to balloons and from sausages to cleaning equipment.

Apprentice 2014 Steven

3) In an Apprentice first; one of the team names is decided to be too vulgar by Lord Sugar and therefore said team are asked to come up with a new moniker before the second episode.

4) The star of the first episode is Canadian-born social worker Steven Ugoalah; whose facial expressions and outrageous reactions lead Lord Sugar to describe him as ‘an irritant’.

Sarah Apprentice 2014

5) Project manager Sarah Dales sets feminism back by around fifty years when she suggests that the girls’ team could win the task by dressing provocatively.

6) Colombian-born lawyer Felipe Alviar-Baquero is another joy to watch, especially when he starts to refer to himself in the third person.

Felipe Apprentice 2014

7) Nick Hewer is once again on hand with plenty of pained expressions, which isn’t hard when both teams make so many silly mistakes.

8) One of the candidates describes themselves as Gandhi meets The Wolf of Wall Street; however Lord Sugar believes that ‘The Poodle of Petticoat Lane’ would be a more apt description.

Apprentice 2014 Daniel

9) Cheeky chappy Daniel Lassman is quick to point out that, while there’s no I in team, there are five in individual brilliance.

10) Lord Sugar is going to constantly keep the candidates on their toes this year as he has the option to fire multiple contestants after the end of each task.

The Apprentice returns on Tuesday 14th October and continues on Wednesday 15th.