Arnold Schwarzenegger goes undercover as a personal trainer

by Martin


Arnold Schwarzenegger is probably one of the most recognised men in the planet, not just because he’s Arnold Schwarzenegger but purely because of his size. He’s still a big guy, even at 66-years old.

So how do the general public react with Arnold Schwarzenegger stops by a gym in California this week but in a disguise? Will people suspect anything or will they carry on completely unaware? For the most part it seems to be the latter.

Without a doubt Arnold Schwarzenegger is one of the most famous actors and bodybuilders in the world. He’s probably best known for his role as the Terminator and as Mr Freeze in Batman.

Oh and he was in that movie about being a Kindergarten Teacher – though really he was an undercover cop.


66-year old Schwarzenegger turned up at the gym in Venice, California and sported a moustache and jet black hair which was in a ponytail and of course a baseball cap.

His goal, to complete a day at Gold’s Gym under the alias of Howard Kleiner – a personal trainer and regional manager.

The reason behind the disguise was revealed by Schwarzenegger who said that he wanted to promote and raise money for ‘After-School All-Stars’ which is an after school program which provides tutoring and other activities to kids who come from families on a low income.

The video, which you can see below features plenty of laughs as one gym go-er tells “Howard” that he forgot his keycard to which Arnie, sorry “Howard” replies “What does a keycard mean?”.

It looked like several suspected something was going on but on the whole it looked like people were completely unaware that Arnold Schwarzenegger was standing with them.


Another moment in the video shows Arnold/Howard beside a woman who is doing chest presses when he tells her “When it burns, it grows, remember that”.

The actor was almost rumbled at one stage however. While chatting to a man at reception about supplements the man said “Come on, Arnold!”.

Arnold/Howard had a tiny smile however as he replied “Howard is my name”.

Arnold Schwarzenegger has revealed that he will be matching every dollar that is donated to the ‘After-School All-Stars’ club through

If you haven’t seen the video yet then take a look at it below and leave your comments.