Arrested Development’s Henry Winkler states he’s “hoping there’s another season”


Arrested Development’s Henry Winkler has spoken out about the return of the show, stating he hopes that another season is commissioned.

Winkler, who plays the family’s lawyer Barry Zuckerkorn, has said that the season four cliff-hanger could lead perfectly into a new season.

Speaking to The Los Angeles Times, he said: “I had a long talk with [Mitch Hurwitz, Arrested Development creator], and he said ‘I want to do the movie’ – and this was before the television show – ‘but how do I get three or four years that the show has been off the air and bring all those characters up to date in two hours? It’s impossible’.

“So then he thought of doing all these episodes; each one or two episodes is a character. He was able to bring them up, and possibly a movie will follow. But I have to say, at this moment, it’s so successful on Netflix, I’m hoping there’s another season”.


“No matter where I go in the world. I was just in Italy, introducing our children’s books, and they asked me that question [about the show]. That was three weeks ago. I said, ‘It’s coming!’. My Twitter is ablaze” he joked.

Meanwhile, both Hurwitz and Netflix CEO, Reed Hastings have also expressed their desire in commissioning the comedy for another season.

Hastings told CNBC that Netflix is interested in commissioning more episodes, providing the cast are willing to carry on.

Not only that, the CEO went on to reveal that the launch of season 4 has “been huge, just as we hoped”. However, he declined to give out any figures in regards to how many times the season had been streamed since its premiere last month.


Hurwitz added: “I would want to do it again, definitely. It just requires some logistics. I’m sure that could be worked out.

“A lot of things [this season] make sense when you rewatch it. Then there are other things that are just set up for something in the future”.